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Your Search For Low Vision Aids

Stops With IrisVision

What Are Low Vision Aids?

Low Vision Aids are devices designed to help people with poor vision read and see. Examples include standing and hand-held magnifiers, strong magnifying reading glasses, loupes, and small telescopes. These devices provide greatly increased magnification capabilities along with higher-quality optics (i.e. the way the lens bends or refracts light). Often prescribed by an eye doctor, these devices are different from your normal eyesight glasses and magnifiers.

But do they really fulfill the purpose?

The IrisVision is a complete Low Vision solution. It goes beyond simple magnification and higher resolution. We have designed it to give a visually impaired person a second chance at life.

What Is IrisVision

IrisVision is the world’s most advanced Low Vision Aids, in the form of a wearable headset. More than a headset—IrisVision is a medical-grade device that enhances and optimizes vision.

With the widest field of view, a range of amazing reading modes and a crisp picture quality, IrisVision helps visually impaired people regain what was lost! The ability to see clearly and live fully.

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We Are Different From Other Low Vision Aids

Looking at conventional options for low vision aids, you either go for Electronic low vision aids or Optical/Magnifying low vision aids.
Every other visually impaired product can aid in only one or two specific tasks. It takes a number of low vision aids products to match up with the capabilities and features IrisVision brings to the table.

Take a closer look at your options

Low vision aids research has shown that it is common for a patient to own 6 to 8 different devices to accomplish all the tasks necessary for daily living. This could include a low vision magnifying glass for spot reading, a low vision portable electronic magnifier for reading mail or setting a wall thermostat, a low vision aids desktop CCTV to read magazines or books, and several low vision distance devices for watching TV or entertainment outings.

It makes you wonder… how many devices will you own to make up for lost vision?

You could count that or get 1 low vision aid to replace them all. IrisVision low vision glasses can do everything these products can, and that too, with added comfort, features and a very convenient price.

IrisVision low vision glasses harnesses groundbreaking technology into a single, hands-free device to help with many daily tasks needed by those who live with a vision impairment. It boasts an extra large LED screen with an expansive field of view and a powerful camera with auto-focus capabilities.

IrisVision – Redefining Low Vision Aids

Our thought leaders and experts tailored IrisVision to cater to many eye diseases and still be able to give an individualized experience. Handy features, top of the line performance and that too at an affordable price!

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It Gets Even Better: IrisVision Offers Around The Clock Support

Our team of trained Low Vision aids agents will provide detailed walkthroughs and tutorials on how to use the device. We work with our customers to provide maximum support and comfort in learning how to use IrisVision.

IrisVision shares rehabilitation procedures and techniques from experts via software, training programs, and specialists, so visually impaired people can integrate back in their society and live independently as soon as possible.

We recognize the important job caretakers perform. That is why IrisVision offers training and guidance programs for people providing care to low-vision patients.


Get your IrisVision today and experience low vision aids like never before. Contact us at IrisVision or drop us a message, and our technology experts will assist any query you have.

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