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Why am I seeing double vision?2020-05-19T10:40:15+00:00

If you are seeing double vision, first attempt to use the focus wheel to refocus. If you continue to have double vision it normally means that your IPD setting have been changed. The default IPD setting on the IrisVision should be 60. To check your IPD settings please:

  • Enter the Configuration Menu
    1. Double tap on the touchpad
    2. When you hear the beep and see the yellow microphone show up on the screen of your device, the device is now listening for your command.
    3. Say “Configuration”
    4. When you see a black box appear, swipe down on the touchpad to enter configuration.
    5. Swipe up to enter “Configure Visual Parameters”
    6. The first options is IPD or Interpupillary Distance.
    7. The default setting should be 60.0, if your setting is different this could be causing the double vision.
    8. Slowly swipe up or down until you see one solid image or until setting is at 60.
    9. The setting may be different for your eye condition
    10. Use the mode button to cycle through the remaining settings.
    11. When the end is reached swipe down to save changes
    12. Press mode button until you reach the option to swipe down to exit configuration and save changes.
Why is my IrisVision no longer speaking?2020-01-14T04:22:25+00:00

IrisVision is no longer speaking

  • The voice prompts may be turned off or Volume is off. To resolve:
    1. Double tap the touchpad.
    2. When you hear a beep and see the yellow microphone show up on the screen of your device, the device is now listening for your command.
    3. Say “Enable Voice Prompts”
    4. If you still do not hear the device, double tap again.
    5. Say “Max Volume”
How do I power off my device?2020-01-14T04:23:16+00:00

Hold the white button on the front of the device down until you hear 4 beeps to confirm the device is about to power off, this may take up to 10 seconds. You may then release the button and the screen on your device will soon go black and the unit will power off.

3.0 Live:

You may also power off your device using the voice commands. For devices with Google Assistant say “Okay Google: Shut Down” or double tap the touchpad and listen for the beep, then say “Shut Down”

If you are unable to power down device using these options, please contact Customer Support @855.207.6665 or

Is your IrisVision freezing on the Focus Screen?2020-01-14T04:24:43+00:00

IrisVision is not responding to headset controls, example device will not move past Focus screen.

  • When the IrisVision is not responding to the headset, this normally means the Display unit/Phone is not properly inserted into the headset. Remove Display unit from headset. For best results follow these instructions:
    1. Once phone is removed from the IrisVision, double tap anywhere on the screen of the phone.
    2. When you hear a beep and see the yellow microphone on the screen advising you the device is listening, say “Enable Voice Prompts”
    3. Double tap on the screen again and say “Max Volume”
    4. Insert phone back into headset, starting with the left side that has the connector piece.
    5. Push phone in so that it is fully inserted into the clip.
    6. Push phone down so that the right side clip latches into place.
    7. You should hear the IrisVision say “Device inserted correctly”
    8. Headset should now respond to touchpad and buttons.
    9. If you do not hear “Device inserted correctly”, please attempt to insert phone again. Ensuring the phone is pushed all the way to the left side clip.
How to turn Off/On Audio Prompts?2020-01-14T04:25:33+00:00

Not hearing audio prompts when switching different modes?

To turn off audible prompts in IrisVision, press the mode button to cycle through until you see the focus screen appear. While in the focus screen tap and hold the touchpad for 15 seconds. You will hear an audible prompt stating “speech prompt disabled.” This must be done while wearing the IrisVision unit. Follow the same process to enable the audio prompts back.

3.0 Live:

S7 and S8 devices: You can turn off/on the Audio Prompts by double tapping the touchpad, listen for the beep to advise device is listening to your command, and say “Enable Voice Prompts or Disable Voice Prompts”.

S8 Devices with Google assistant setup: Say “Okay Google”, and listen for the beep, then say “Enable Voice Prompts or Disable Voice Prompts”

The display unit won’t clip into the headset?2020-01-14T04:26:04+00:00

The goggles have an A setting and a B setting on the clip attached to the micro usb port. Ensure the clip is in the B setting position by pressing the clip down and forward.

Not charging when you place the IrisVision on the wireless charger?2020-01-14T04:26:37+00:00

IrisVision is not Charging

There are two ways to charge the IrisVision device, the wireless charging pad and by removing the Display unit/Phone and using the charging cord to provide a direct charge to the phone. Please note: The Magnetic cord that attaches to the headset does not charge the device. This is to be used when device is already charged to prolong battery life for longer periods of use.

  • Wireless Charging Pad
      1. Ensure charging pad is plugged into an electrical socket..
      2. Prior to removing headset from your head turn Focus wheel all the way to the right.
      3. Center the IrisVision unit face down on the wireless charging pad.
      4. If the device is powered on and your voice prompts are enabled, you will hear a verbal prompt and depending on the version of charging pad you have. You will see either a blue light or a red light.
      5. Give the charging pad 45 seconds to ensure a connection. If the blue light starts blinking, this means the device is not centered properly and will not charge.
      6. Pick IrisVision up and recenter.
      7. Once light is solid Blue (or Red if you have the charger that gives a red light) then the device is charging.
      8. Light will turn green when charging is completed.
  • Direct Charge
    1. Remove phone from headset.
    2. Utilizing the cord from the charging pad
    3. Remove the direct charge adapter from carrying case.
    4. Place adapter on end of cord and insert into phone.
    5. You will hear the verbal prompt if voice prompts are enabled.
    6. Please note this method charges device faster then the charging pad.


Please Note: Your unit may have also included a direct charge cord or the cord from the charger that lights up red can be directly plugged into Display unit for direct charge.


Please note: IrisVision will not charge if left in Television Mode.