PATENTED IrisBubble™ view

IrisVision’s IrisBubble™ view allows you to zoom in on regions of interest in the scene while keeping the overall scene in context. This avoids the “telescope” effect where you enlarge an area but lose a sense of the overall scene.

Clinical Adjustments

IrisVision gives you complete control over multiple parts of your sight restoration experience. These clinical adjustments, made possible through partnerships with both Samsung and the low vision experts at Johns Hopkins, make IrisVision the most versatile and easy to use low vision solution on the market.

Field of View

IrisVision enables a 70 degree visual range – wider than any low vision device on the market.

Ambient Level

Adjust the brightness of the scene. Then everything in the visual world will be held at that brightness level. No more discomfort moving from indoors to a bright, sunlit outside.


Adjust the contrast of the scene. Low vision patients often complain of loss of contrast. We emphasize contrast to compensate for this problem.

Adjust IPD

Adjust interpupillary distance.

Bubble Position

The position of the bubble can be shifted to different parts of the overall scene. Many patients familiar with the bioptic telescope prefer bubble moved to the top of the scene.

Bubble shape

The bubble can be round, square, or custom designed.

B&W Reading Mode

This mode emphasizes and increases the contrast of the text, making it easier to read. Inverted reading mode In this mode you view white letter on a black background. This is effective for those patients who are bothered by bright lights.