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Breakthrough Wearable Low Vision Aid Restores Life's Limitless Possibilities.

Built on the most advanced mobile virtual reality (VR) platform, IrisVision allows people with low vision conditions such as macular degeneration to see clearly in all aspects of daily life, with an industry-leading 70° field of view and adjustable IrisBubble™ view.


Embrace Clarity Everywhere Life Takes You.


Traditional low vision aids like CCTVs or handheld magnifiers allow you to see when performing a specific task or activity, like reading at your desk or examining something within arm’s reach.


But, what if that’s not all you want to be able to do?


The World's Best Medical Experts are Rooting for You.

Developed with support from low vision experts at the most prestigious vision institutions in the world and grants from the National Eye Institute (NEI), IrisVision is the most medically-validated wearable low vision aid available today.

Hear from our Customers.

IrisVision is changing the low vision world one life at a time.

Here are just a few IrisVision users whose lives we've touched:

IrisVision has been a rebirth of my sight. It would be the equivalent of giving a person who could not walk a wheelchair or a person who could not hear a hearing aid. It has allowed me to see my loved ones’ faces which I have not seen in 17 years!
— Lou Tompkins, 68, Macular Degeneration
These glasses have really changed my life. Not only I can see better, but I can read a book. My grandson plays football, lacrosse and basketball. People would say “There he goes. He made a touchdown”. But I couldn’t see him. Now I can enjoy his games.
— Lannie Dennis, 67, Optic Nerve Damage
IrisVision has been a huge impact on my life as a visually impaired person and has been able to help my quality of life unlike any other piece of technology I use. It has revolutionized my experiences at professional baseball games and has impacted traveling and sightseeing.
— Blake Steinecke, 18, Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy

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High Tech, Low Cost. Priceless Experiences.

Purchasing the world’s most technologically advanced low vision aid is actually affordable, thanks to our strategic partnerships. IrisVision retails for just $2,500, about a quarter of the price of similar products, and there are many financial assistance programs available to qualified customers.