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IrisVision Evolving Visually Impaired
Products In UK

Are You Visually Impaired?

Is your life turning dull and colourless due to low vision? Is vision impairment taking a toll on your way of life? Is it getting more and more challenging for you to see and remember the faces of your loved ones due to vision loss?
IrisVision comes with a revolutionary low vision aid for people with visual impairments. If you don’t want to end up being another sight loss victim in the UK, it’s about time you reach out for low vision aids rather than living your life in a gray, blurry world.

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Visually Impaired Products Redefined

Unlike any other low vision aid, the IrisVision enhances your leftover vision to an extent that helps you reclaim the colours and joys of your life lost due to any of the degenerative eye diseases including Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts, and Retinitis Pigmentosa. Not only that, you get a bundle of mind blowing features like streaming HD video content, the IrisReader that reads you your favorite books, and an intelligent voice assistant! Every feature in the IrisVision brings a little of your life back to you.

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A Technological Breakthrough Backed By The World’s Best Eye Doctors

World’s top eye doctors and low vision experts have contributed in the development of IrisVision under the funding from the National Eye Institute (NEI), making it the most medically-validated wearable low vision aid available currently. An FDA class 1 registered medical device, IrisVision brings the best of low vision aids to UK.

Invaluable Experience For
The Most Affordable Price

With IrisVision, you get the absolute best for what you pay for, and the best part is that you have to pay a mere quarter of the price of other vision impaired products. Avail it by paying in full or in monthly installments. It’s your choice and your comfort.

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Get your IrisVision today and experience low vision aids like never before. Contact us at IrisVision or drop us a message, and our technology experts will assist any query you have.

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