A Breakthrough Wearable Low Vision Aid





Unlike CCTV-based low vision aids, IrisVision doesn’t confine you to your desk, and you can do so much more than just read.

IrisVision is a portable and wearable device that lets you see clearly in almost every situation you can think of.

One device instead of many

IrisVision is an all-in-one device that eliminates the need to use multiple low vision aids, such as CCTV viewers, handheld magnifiers and reading glasses. IrisVision lets you to do everything you can do with other low vision aids at an affordable price of just $2,500.

See the world in context with IrisVision’s Bubble View

Other low vision devices including CCTV only magnify what you see so you might experience the “telescope” effect where you enlarge an area but lose a sense of the overall scene.

On the other hand, IrisVision’s bubble view allows you to zoom in on regions of interest in the scene while keeping the overall scene in context.

Developed in collaboration with these experts

IrisVision vs CCTV

Remote Support

Our customer service team can directly and remotely help you configure your IrisVision device when you have trouble using or configuring IrisVision. Just sit back and relax as we get you up and running.

Clinical Settings

Clinical settings, made possible through partnerships with both Samsung and the low vision experts at Johns Hopkins, allow each IrisVision device to be customized according to its user’s unique needs.


IrisVision is an all-in-one device that can replace traditional low vision aids such as CCTVs, handheld magnifiers and telescopes. You can use IrisVision comfortably anywhere in the world, not just at your desk.

Hear from our Customers

IrisVision is changing the low vision world one life at a time.

IrisVision has been a rebirth of my sight. It would be the equivalent of giving a person who could not walk a wheelchair or a person who could not hear a hearing aid. It has allowed me to see my loved ones’ faces which I have not seen in 17 years!

Lou Tompkins, 68, Macular Degeneration

These glasses have really changed my life. Not only I can see better, but I can read a book. My grandson plays football, lacrosse and basketball. People would say “There he goes. He made a touchdown”. But I couldn’t see him. Now I can enjoy his games.

Lannie Dennis, 67, Optic Nerve Damage

IrisVision has been a huge impact on my life as a visually impaired person and has been able to help my quality of life unlike any other piece of technology I use. It has revolutionized my experiences at professional baseball games and has impacted traveling and sightseeing.

Blake Steinecke, 18, Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy