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IrisVision Brings You Macular
Degeneration Glasses

Are You Fighting With Macular Degeneration?

According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 1.8 million American adults aged 40 or above face vision impairment due to AMD.

Unfortunately, no reliable cure of AMD capable of reversing the macular damage exists, though a handful of treatments aimed at slowing the progress and damage of the disease are there. However, there’s one innovative solution that can still help you, one that gets you as close as it can be in seeing the faces of your loved ones again.  Try IrisVision’s macular degeneration glasses, an innovative solution that have given countless people a second chance at life, a second chance at Seeing Clearly and Living Fully!

What is IrisVision?

IrisVision is an assistive technology solution approved and registered by the FDA as a Class-1 medical device, one of the best vision enhancement low vision aid in the market right now.

Comprised of Samsung’s VR Headset and Latest Smartphone, it is designed to facilitate people suffering from low vision conditions, especially Macular Degeneration, and other degenerative eye diseases like Diabetic Retinopathy, Cataracts, Albinism and so forth.

Want to Know if IrisVision will Work for You?

Interested in using IrisVision for yourself, or a loved one, dealing with Macular Degeneration? IrisVision is designed to address a range of low vision conditions including:

  • Dry AMD

  • Wet AMD

  • Geographic Macular Degeneration

  • Stargardt’s Disease

  • Best Disease 

  • Juvenile Retinoschisis

IrisVision Beating All Odds
with Macular Degeneration Glasses

A CES 2019 Honoree for outstanding design and engineering in Virtual Reality consumer technology products, IrisVision exceeds expectations by disruptive feature, maximum usability and crystal clear crisp image quality. It helps you recover what was lost because of macular degeneration: The ability to see clearly, recognize the faces of your loved ones, and make the best of your remaining vision. Explore through a wide array of features, wireless charging and an intelligent voice assistant! And that isn’t even the end of the line. Really, it’s one macular degeneration glasses to rule them all!

A few top of the line features include

Irisvision Glasses for Macular Degeneration

Want to Know More About IrisVision?

Looking forward to using IrisVision Live for yourself, or a loved one dealing with Macular Degeneration? Try it for 30 days and grab a chance to live independently and freely.

See Better, Live Better with IrisVision

Anyone who has ever used IrisVsion, had their life take a 180 degree turn. From seeing a fading blur world to seeing things clearly and with clarity. Meet these people with different types of Macular Degeneration, and see with your eyes how their lives were completely changed after they starting using Macular Degeneration Glasses by IrisVision.

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How can IrisVision Macular Degeneration Glasses Assist in your Life?

Central visual field is typically the prime target zone of AMD, which is what makes it so devastating for people suffering from it, because there are a host of activities that you can’t do anymore once affected with this eye problem.

These activities make us feel positive about ourselves, defining us as independent and productive members of the society, and most of them rely heavily on central vision. So, when we face problems with our central visual field with eye diseases like AMD, our lives start getting disturbed a great deal and it feels like we’re being robbed off of not only our eyesight, but of our independence and self reliance in living a positive life as well, ultimately affecting the quality of our life.

Since AMD still lacks a viable cure, with its treatments primarily focusing on slowing down the progression of the disease significantly to stabilize and restore the leftover vision; it makes a lot of sense to resort to a hi-tech low vision assistance like IrisVision. It is specially designed to make the best of your leftover vision, thus restoring and improving your quality of life to a reasonable level despite being a victim of a sight threatening disease.

So, let’s see how IrisVision can help you in different ways to add value and independence to your life again.

As One of the Best Low Vision Glasses for Macular Degeneration

Nothing can be truer than this, not because the company claims so, but because of scores of people who have used these glasses for macular degeneration, validating the claim themselves. They not only tell you that their lives have been transformed unexpectedly by these superb eye glasses for macular degeneration, but they eagerly share the insights on how this transformation happened after they started using these glasses for macular degeneration patients. You can run through the story of Ashley, for instance. And, it makes absolute sense if you witness the miracle first before giving these glasses for people with macular degeneration a try for yourself.

As Macular Degeneration Reading Glasses

Most of you must already be aware of the fact that macular degeneration affects the elderly even more; the older you grow, the higher are your chances to become a victim of AMD. And what’s the favorite pastime for most of the retired lot? Yes, you got it right, reading. Whether you prefer to go through your favorite daily paper the old style, enjoying the sound of the paper turning over periodically, or whether you’ve switched to the likes of Kindle to quench your thirst for reading, the habit only dies with you. But the odds can turn against you the moment AMD targets you as an elder, because reading relies on central vision. So, what should you do? Well, turning to IrisVision as macular degeneration reading glasses for seniors might be one of your best decisions. Why? Because these are specially designed magnifying reading glasses for macular degeneration, which serve to augment your reading capability as a victim of the disease.

As Magnifying Glasses for Macular Degeneration

As humans, socializing comes quite natural to us, and for all the right reasons. Sooner or later, we all get to a point that we need a shoulder to cry on, a buddy to share our secrets with and friend to counsel with. We tend to develop association with people we see, we interact and we live around with. But do you know AMD can be cruel enough to snatch that from you too?

One of the worst things about AMD affecting your central visual field is to damage your ability to recognize faces, because your central field of view is simply too scarred to give you any clear view around the focal center of your vision. That’s why many believe this to be the worst affliction macular degeneration can bring upon a person, i.e. the inability to recognize the faces of your dear ones.

So, that’s when IrisVision can come to save the day for you, serving as the best binocular glasses for macular degeneration, making sure this eye disease never handicaps you to the point of not recognizing the faces of people around you when you need them the most, in the old age.


To conclude, of course, you better run your diligence before you simply go and pick a pair of magnification glasses for macular degeneration. So, you can always contact the team IrisVision for any of your queries and seek help on how to make the best of your leftover vision.