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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the vision impaired community See Clearly, Live Fully!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the vision impaired community See Clearly, Live Fully!

Founder Story

IrisVision’s founder, Frank Werblin, PhD, is a professor of neuroscience at the University of California, Berkeley. Having discovered a number of cellular associations underlying visual information processing in the retina, he had been working on retinal chip implants to help the blind see when he sought a solution that was less invasive and more affordable: a tool accessible for the wider low-vision community.


In Dr. Werblin’s quest, he realized that he and the virtual reality community were operating in parallel. With recent advancements in technology, he felt he could digitally remap users’ vision to access and amplify their limited sight. In his search for a technology partner, Dr. Werblin teamed up with our CEO Ammad Khan, who at the time was leading a successful mobile app development company, to develop, refine, and commercialize a wearable low vision aid. Together, Ammad and Frank have embarked on a mission to bring this game-changing technology to the millions of people around the world who might benefit.

Our team members come from various backgrounds with one common goal: to help people with low vision regain their independence and the lifestyle they desire. We wholeheartedly believe you should be able to see the things that matter to you. Our commitment to this goal allows us to build products that we are not only proud of, but those that enable some of our own team members to live a life of independence. Our success is personal.

Meet the Team

Dr. Frank Werblin



Ammad Khan



Tom Perski

Vice President


Zack Afridi

VP Sales and Strategic Partnerships

Allison Sojka

Director of Marketing


Abdul Zalil

Head of Products

Tom Lichti

Sales and Client Experience Manager

Daniel Feinsmith

Software Architect

Jordan Gallatly

Android Developer


Brandon Sok

Business Development Manager

Chang Park

Marketing Associate


Tabitha Agramont

Lead Customer Success Specialist


Melieka Fatih

Marketing & Communication Specialist


Aaron Miranda

Customer Success Specialist

Shaun Daniels

Sr Sales Executive

Judy Silva

Operations Manager

Alan Huston

Business Development Manager

Donna Choi

UX/UI Designer

Dana Donellan

Inventory Manager

Nikhil Chacko

Product Management Intern

Johnny Wang

Product Management Intern