About IrisVision

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the vision impaired community See Clearly, Live Fully!

Meet The Team

We come from various backgrounds with one common goal: to help people regain their independence. Whether it’s discovering a new recipe, reading a book, or seeing your grandchild’s face, we wholeheartedly believe you should be able to see the things that matter to you. Our commitment to this goal allows us to build a product that we are not only proud of, but one that enables some of our own team members to live a life of independence. Our success is personal.

Dr. Frank Werblin


Ammad Khan


Tom Perski

Vice President

Zack Afridi

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Abdul Zalil

Head of Products

Daniel Feinsmith

Software Architect

Jordan Gallatly

Android Developer

Mehwish Jalal

Operations & Support

Brandon Sok

Operations & Support

Hannah Lerner

Product Development Coordinator

Chang Park

Marketing Associate

Tabitha Agramont

Customer Experience Representative

Melieka Fatih

Marketing & Communication Specialist

Yeontae Kim

Intern Operations & Support