Best Reading Magnifiers for Macular Degeneration

//Best Reading Magnifiers for Macular Degeneration

Best Reading Magnifiers for Macular Degeneration

Vision loss in elderly is a global concern and age-related macular degeneration (also referred as AMD or ARMD) is one of the biggest reason for loss of vision in people aged 65 or above.

According to estimates:

Age-related macular degeneration affects the vision of more than 11 million people in the United States and 2.3 million of them remain undiagnosed for it.

Vision loss due to AMD results from an irreversible physical breakdown of the macular tissue (macula is the central most region of the retina), leading to the deterioration of sharp central vision and affecting “straight-ahead” vision of a person.

One of the first things AMD affects in its victims is their ability to perform tasks requiring up-close vision, such as reading, writing and recognizing faces. Now, reading becomes one of the most favorite pastimes of people in and around their retirement age. But when you are a victim of AMD, you can’t pursue reading or other daily chores requiring close-up vision.

Unfortunately, researchers have not been able to come up with a viable amd cure as yet, which leads people to resort to alternates like low vision aids, which can help them live better with their vision issues.

That’s why we have come up with a list of best reading magnifiers for macular degeneration in the passage below:

Amigo HD Portable Magnifier

This reading assistance for visually impaired comprises of a 7 inch wide screen LCD, which offers amazingly sharp and clear HD images featuring vibrant colors, conveniently viewable at any distance. You can use it by placing directly over your desired reading material or hold it up to position on a distant item and view it. Adjusting the contrast and magnification is as easy as pressing a button.

Whether you want to read mail, newspaper, prescriptions, magazines and books, view family photos, Amigo HD Portable Magnifier is designed to help you do so on the go.

Price: $995.00

Amigo HD Features

  • Boasts of a HD camera for crystal clear images with sharp color contrast

  • Auto focus enabled as well as one push manual focus to view objects at any distance

  • Adjustable magnification up to 25x

  • Large tactile buttons for user friendly handling

  • Brightness adjustment to cater for lighting turned on or off

  • 28 different color modes offered

  • Battery life up to 5 hours

  • Weighs up to 1.3 hours

DaVinci Pro HD/OCR

Considered as the top tier high-performance desktop magnifier or CCTV, DaVinci Pro comes with quite a few rings and bells, i.e. a 1080p 3-in-1 full HD camera by Sony and full page Text-to-Speech (OCR features). This enables the device to offer sharp and clear view to people suffering from AMD. Supplemented with a high resolution LCD screen, you get to see top quality picture detail. With large field of view at offer, DaVinci Pro also enables you to view more area on the screen.

If you like stories being narrated to you instead of reading them by yourself, this gadget full page OCR feature does the job for you, reading your favorite pieces aloud in either male or female voices. Even better, multiple language options are also available to choose from. It’s up to you if you want DaVinci Pro to read a full page to you or an area selected by you. A simple push of a button enables you to switch between live image and OCR, turning the device into one of the best reading magnifiers for macular degeneration (or any sight-threatening eye disease).

DaVinci Pro is a 3-in-1 device, which means it is equipped with a full HD camera capable of offering you near, far or a mirror image depending upon your preferences, a feature not offered by many electronic magnifiers. This gadget surely serves enough for a wide range of activities not requiring you to move, such as reading, writing, sewing, make-up and shaving.

Price: $3,995.00

DaVinci Pro’s Features

  • Mounted with an autofocus 3-in-1 camera, catering for reading (close-up view), distance viewing as well as self-viewing requirements

  • Equipped with OCR features to cater for text-to-speech capabilities, reading the text out loud to you

  • User friendly console

  • Premium quality voices for with both male and female options

  • Magnification up to 77x

  • User friendly menu

  • 28 different modes for color and contrasts settings

IrisVision Reading Magnifiers

IrisVision reading magnifiers for macular degeneration not only serve to assist people suffering from AMD read better, but also serve to enhance visual abilities for victims of a host of other sight damaging eye diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, astigmatism and so forth.

FDA has approved and classified IrisVision as a Class-1 medical device for people with vision loss, which makes it one of the best low vision magnifiers, particularly for macular degeneration. It comprises of a VR headset by Samsung mounted with Samsung’s latest smartphone.

Price: $2,950

  • Wearable reading magnifiers for macular degeneration and other common sight threatening eye diseases, comprised of a top quality smartphone mounted on a high tech VR headset, both by Samsung

  • Adjustable magnification up to 14x

  • 70 degrees field of view (FOV), one of the broadest available in the industry right now

  • Totally customizable control settings

  • Specially designed to help people with macular degeneration read and do other daily chores requiring up-close vision

  • Different modes to help up-close viewing other than reading as well

  • Caters distance vision through “bioptic mode”, with a designated rectangular area at the top of the screen, enabling you to zoom up to 12x into a particular section of the viewing field within that area. This helps you not lose the greater context of your viewing field whether you want to read from a specific area or view a specific point

  • There is a “reading line magnifier” mode as well, compensating for the need to buy a separate bar magnifier

  • Also equipped with “Bubble View” mode based on a patented technology, magnifying objects within the bubble without losing the overall context of the surroundings

  • Another special feature for special needs of people AMD and other vision issues, “Iris Reader”, supplemented with the most innovative OCR principals. This makes your device read your desired text loudly to you

  • “IrisVision Assistant”, yet another special feature, giving “hands-free” a whole new meaning. IrisVision would read you the desired text through a simple verbal command

Though the other two devices do the justice to their concept of a dedicated solution for people suffering with macular degeneration, it is the IrisVision that goes above and beyond in returning you the best value of money.

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