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1: Contact Your Contacts Cautiously to Avoid Blindness You better be conscious if you are a regular user of contacts. Why? Well, a research initiated by the researchers at the UCL and Moorfields Eye Hospital has been able to identify a new outbreak in contact lens wearers. A rare but preventable eye infection, Acanthamoeba Keratitis, […]

1:  Possibility of Alzheimer’s Prediction during Eye Exam As unlikely as it might sound, a study has helped scientists visualize the possibility of detection of Alzheimer’s disease through an eye exam, according to a story published on “Science Daily”. And even better is that it could be done using technology similar to what’s commonly present […]


1: A New Device Ready to Ease Dry Eye Patients by Activating Real Tears Yes, there’s a device out there that can ease you with your ‘Dry Eye’ condition, all by helping you produce real tears, according to MedScape. The device achieves this feat by stimulating your body’s very own lacrimal system to produce real […]


1: Regression of Neovascularization in Diabetic Retinopathy Achieved through Anti-VEGF/Panretinal Photocoagulation A recently published PROTEUS study led by Matt R. Starr, MD and Sophie J. Bakri, MD reports progress in treatment of diabetic retinopathy – regression of neovascularization in diabetic retinopathy with the help of anti VEGF/Panretinal Photocoagulation. The study was aimed at assessing the […]


1: Similarity between Corneas of People Suffering from Down syndrome (DS) and Keratoconus A recent report has revealed unexpected morphological similarity between the corneas of people suffering from Down Syndrome (DS), over 70% of them to be exact, and keratoconus. These findings were reported by Dr. Jorge L. Alio associated with Vissum Alicante ophthalmology clinic […]

1: Some Pro Advice for You from Laila Ali ……. Regarding Your Eyes Though Laila Ali is known for a host of different reasons, from being one of the greatest female boxers of all time to being a mother of two, running her own lifestyle brand and acting as a fitness and wellness expert in […]


1: How is it Even Possible – A Blind Woman Who Can See Motion? No, this is not out of the script of a sci-fi flick; this is real, irrespective of how unlikely you find it to be true. A Scottish woman suffered from a stroke, which resulted in damaging the visual processing centers of […]


1: Migraine is Capable of Significantly Affecting Retina and Choroid A recent study identified the significant effects migraine has on deep ocular structures like ganglion cell layer, choroid and the retinal nerve fiber layer. Previously, several studies have already been successful in showing that both types of migraines, i.e. migraine with aura (MwA) and migraine […]


1: First Artificial Iris Gets FDA Approval – A New Milestone in Treating Eye Problems Lo and behold, here comes another milestone in eye care as reported in ‘’. A prosthetic device gets FDA approval, which can be used as a replacement for a damaged or missing iris, according to the announcement made by the […]