Top Low Vision Aids for Seniors with Vision Problems

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Top Low Vision Aids for Seniors with Vision Problems

It’s no strange to find majority of people considering vision loss as one of the worst losses ever to be inflicted upon them. While most of us remain safe from complete blindness, millions around the world are living with some form of visual impairment.

For instance, according to data shared by NCBI and AFB respectively:

About 47% of U.S citizens consider sight loss as the worst of health issues ever to be faced.
Around 23.7 million American adults are either totally unable to see or face issues seeing even after using corrective lenses. This number is believed to be doubled by 2050.

Moreover, the stats shared by the National Eye Institute, NEI, reveal that majority of visually impaired population in the United States comprises of older adults.

Though life of seniors is already a series of challenges, visual impairment stretches it to its absolute limit, for sure. One of the most difficult areas surrounding visual impairment in later life is to accept and accommodate with changes accompanying such limitations.

Perhaps, this is because vision loss can lead you to a host of other serious issues like immobility. If your vision is compromised, your mobility is compromised. Similarly, there are various other activities that you can be deprived from as an older adult. This may include your inability to recognize faces, read daily newspaper or email, drive, cook your favorite food, watch your favorite shows and so forth.

So, it is quite imperative for seniors to look for low vision aids that can supplement their ability to see the world in a much better way despite their deteriorating eyesight. However, the problem is to identify the right solution best suited to your needs as seniors with vision problems.

That’s precisely what has prompted us to compile a list of top low vision aids for seniors with vision problems, aimed at catering their needs of enhanced viewing, mobility and portability. Let’s have a look at it:

Mezzo Focus 22 CCTV with XY Table

This is a product especially designed to cater for specialized reading needs of seniors, produced by Reinecker Vision of Germany. It comprises of a high quality folding HD LED monitor supplemented with a built-in XY table with brakes. You are not only able to fold the monitor flat for transporting it around, you also get the best ergonomic positioning, thanks to the spring form balancing that it’s equipped with. Its Focus camera relies on LVHD (Low Vision High Definition) technology to make sure you get the superb quality HD resolution image without any issues of blurring or shadowing. Along with top quality features and functions, it also offers user-friendly controls. Some of its major features include 6 color selections with customizable color and brightness options, auto-focus magnification and windowing and line marking. A snapshot of features is given below.

Price: $2495


  • 22″ large LED display with vibrant colors and contrast for best view

  • XY table for optimal positioning of the reading material, supplemented with brakes to offer even more control and convenience

  • Offers 1366 x 768 pixels focus camera resolution for the most optimal view with almost no picture noise

  • Magnification feature ranging from 1.6x – 50x

  • 6 varied color modes, preset as well as adjustable ones. Defaults include true color, white on black, black on white, yellow on blue, yellow on black and green on black

  • 3-button control user friendly interface

Amigo HD Portable Magnifier

This is best when you want magnification, especially for reading books or getting a magnified view of other readable stuff as a visually impaired senior, all with the added benefit of convenient portability. Amigo HD Portable Magnifier offers crystal clear, sharp and vibrant HD view on a 7″ widescreen LCD. Size is one of its key strengths, small enough to carry along with you almost anywhere effortlessly, and large enough to offer you the extra magnification and readability you need for low vision. It is equally efficient at enabling you read your favorite books and magazines within the confines of home to allowing you read from a menu at your favorite restaurant and checking the prices on isles of your favorite shopping mart.

Price: $995


  • High quality HD camera for razor sharp images and vibrant colors

  • Weights only 1.3 pounds

  • 7″ high resolution LCD supplemented with large FOV

  • Convenient auto-focus as well as manual focus options to view objects at any distance

  • Adjustable magnification ranging from 1.4x to 25x

  • Large tactile buttons for user friendly handling

  • Adjustable folding base

  • 28 different color modes


If you are looking for something much more than a magnified reading view, IrisVision is definitely something special when it comes to low vision aids for seniors with vision problems. Taking mobility and independence to a whole new level, it is designed to offer the most optimal view to visually impaired people in the most convenient way. One of its distinguishing features is its approval as the Class-1 medical device by the FDA. Head-mounting it enables you to go totally hands-free, giving you the freedom to use your hands elsewhere rather than engaging them in holding the device.

Price: $ 2,950/Unit



  • It is comprised of the Samsung VR headgear with a latest smartphone mounted into it to offer a highly crisp and sharp image

  • In addition to 5 variations of “Reading Mode”, there are 10 other specially designed modes, enabling you to do a wide variety of daily activities in addition to reading only

  • Dedicated “Reading Mode” with 5 variations, i.e. “Reading Mode”, “Reading Inverted Mode”, “Reading Green Mode”, “Reading Yellow Mode” and “Reading Line Mode”

  • One of the widest FOV of 70 degrees

  • Special “Bubble View” patent technology, enabling you upto 12x magnification within the bubble, making sure you remain aware of the background view as well

  • ‘IrisVision Assistant’, a novel and totally hands-free way of connecting to the device, giving it specific commands to perform your desired task

  • Dedicated “TV Mode” enabling you view television just like you used to do earlier

Every passing day is seeing significant improvements in low vision aids industry and future looks even more promising for people with vision problems whether you’re a senior citizen or anyone else suffering from vision limitations.

For now, IrisVision seems to be the complete solution for visually impaired people, offering the best return on your money in the most efficient and convenient manner.

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