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By Tom Perski, Vice President of Professional and Consumer Outreach at IrisVision As with many types of technology for persons with vision loss, many see great results quite quickly – the IrisVision even more so! Initially when looking at faces, a magnified image with vivid colors and sharp detail allows someone to immediately see features […]


Legal blindness is a serious issue, much more serious than many of us living our lives normally could comprehend and care about. And if you’re wondering what the difference between blindness and legal blindness is, here is how the US government wants us to perceive it: This makes about 3% (approximately 3.4 million) of the […]

I’ve lived with macular degeneration for almost my entire life. As a result, I’m very familiar with devices that, for the last 30 years, have helped people with low vision. These devices have primarily assisted people with reading and writing. Yet, experts say that individuals with high-functioning low vision typically need between 6 and 8 […]


If you’re one of those who wait whole year to see the streets powdered all white, full-swing winter is just around the corner. So, gear up with your snowboards, skates and sleds to enjoy the winter wonderland. However, don’t forget to take good care of your eyes just as you wouldn’t forget cozying up before […]


Chances are that if you are here looking for the difference between dry and wet forms of age related macular degeneration, you are already aware of AMD to a certain level. However, a quick recap will only help improve your overall understanding of this degenerative eye disease. What is Macular Degeneration? Macular degeneration is a […]

Does diabetes affect eyesight? Yes. Can diabetes cause blindness? Yes, it can. According to a publication at Genentech: Now let’s dig a little deep into the most common diabetic eye problems. Most Common Diabetic Eye Problems Diabetic eye problems represent a group of eye conditions capable of affecting people suffering from diabetes, which include Diabetic […]

Cataract surgery is one of the most common and successful ocular procedures being performed nowadays. Most people receiving surgical treatment for cataracts enjoy an improved vision without much of long-term issues afterwards. So, while a significant majority of people make the most of cataract surgery recovery, just like any other surgical procedure, cataract surgery complications […]


1: Contact Your Contacts Cautiously to Avoid Blindness You better be conscious if you are a regular user of contacts. Why? Well, a research initiated by the researchers at the UCL and Moorfields Eye Hospital has been able to identify a new outbreak in contact lens wearers. A rare but preventable eye infection, Acanthamoeba Keratitis, […]


Being one of the most sensitive organs of human body, your eyes deserve and need all the care in the world to make sure they serve you well enough for as long as possible. Various factors can result in vision problems and old age is surely one of the most important ones. According to the […]