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Corporate Trainer – Customer Experience Specialist

Pleasanton, CA

About IrisVision

IrisVision Global is re-defining the future for people with extreme loss of visual acuity. Using groundbreaking wearable VR technology, our products expand the world for those who are legally blind and with low-vision to help them see and experience the sighted world again. With the help of world-class partnerships with organizations such as Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, UPMC, the National Eye Institute, and Samsung, IrisVision is growing from a niche wearable medical device to an exciting challenger brand that has already changed lives for thousands. We are proud to provide solutions that get people back into a world beyond a magnifying glass and empowering them to return to doing the things they love.

Position Summary

This position is highly valued in the overall success of IrisVision Global. This position is crucial in assisting our clients to obtain success by utilizing our “Customer Achievement Program”.

Qualities Needed:

  • Patience, passion and enthusiasm for working with people of all ages and abilities.
  • Ability to handle themselves in a professional manner for both client and corporate communications.
  • Exhibits integrity and a proven work ethic.
  • Self-motivated, goal oriented.
  • Good listener and troubleshooter!
  • Team player

Job Requirements/Responsibilities:

  • Customer service interaction, both written and spoken
  • Time management skills to work independently or within a team structure
  • Basic computer skills
  • Basic “smart phone” skills
  • Organizational skills – daily updates of coaching sessions
  • Learn and demonstrate the full use of the IrisVision product
  • Ability to trouble-shoot issues that arise before contacting corporate technical support
  • Ability to learn corporate software and other technologies
  • Ability to accept coaching

Preferred skills:

  • Experience in Physical Therapy or Occupation Therapy or Eye Doctor environment
  • Experience performing customer service over-the-phone or providing instructional training
  • Experience using various types of low vision devices
  • Experience working with individuals who are visually impaired
  • Experience using SalesForce
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs. when needed.