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John, Macular Degeneration

“When I dream, I see everything clearly. Maybe if I sleep walk I will not need eyes– I find this a curiosity. I am now about to complete 7 decades of solar orbits. My compromised vision is unable to resolve images without the IrisVision enhancement. With my IrisVision, my visual acuity is certainly enhanced to a level, in some cases, that was not experienced before Macular Degeneration invaded my reality. The device is very good. I enjoy using it to help my neighbor with his car. I can even zoom-in to see objects that I am not able to get close to. I am am constantly finding useful ways to use it, sometimes in ways that it was not necessarily intended to be used for. My mind sees so many wonderful possibilities looming before mankind”

-John Leake, 69, Macular Degeneration