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Lannie, Optic Nerve Damage

“My name is Lannie Dennis. I would like to thank the people who invented Iris Vision. These glasses have really changed my life style. Not only I can see better but I can read a book. I used to use depend on my Kindle Tablet to make the letters bigger. Also my grandson who plays football, lacrosse and basketball, people would say there he goes, he made a touchdown. But I couldn’t see him. But now I can enjoy his games. I can now see my Pastor, not only listen to him, but see him. Also at meetings I can see speakers clearer. The Lord has blessed me with these glasses and to connect with Iris Vision. The reps are always patient with me professional and always answer all of my questions. I thank God for them too and also my Low Vision Optometrist Dr. Azman and the Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA for showing me these glasses.”