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Overcoming Optic Nerve Damage: Meet Isis

isis-noneman-optic-nerve-damage-customer-story“I spent my childhood going to a lot of doctors and they wouldn’t know what was wrong with me”, explained Isis, an 18-year-old high school student.

When Isis was 5 years old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. While she was relieved to finally have a diagnosis, Isis and her family to dismayed to learn that the tumor had destroyed most of her optic nerves, leaving her with permanent low vision.

Isis experimented with a variety of different solutions in an effort to regain some of her lost site. As she and her mom looked for an alternative to eSight, a low vision aid for people with more peripheral vision, they came across IrisVision and purchased the product.

Three months later,, Isis now uses IrisVision for reading, shopping, scanning menus, and in many other ways. Isis told us that when she first lost her vision, one of her greatest pain points was not being able to keep up with everyone else. With IrisVision, that changed completely. Isis said, “When I am shopping I use it to read signs. All I do is aim at the sign (even from a distance) and the device reads it to me. It has made shopping at Walmart simple. Even at school, I use it every day and it really helps me keep up in my classes. I am able to read everything clearly, especially in Geometry and History. At home, we got a Harry Potter recipe book, and as soon as I it arrived, I read the whole thing using the IrisVision and I loved it! ”


For Isis, the ability to read again is a huge benefit to IrisVision. And she particularly enjoys that with IrisReader, IrisVision will read aloud to her. Isis said, “my favorite feature is the IrisReader. I just point and zoom at things I want to read, and it reads everything to me, even at a good distance.”
If you or a family member have low vision due to a damaged optic nerve, contact one of our service team members to talk about your situation and how IrisVision could help.