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Getting Started

What if I do not have Wi-Fi?2021-04-26T09:04:45+00:00

For those without access to Wi-Fi, IrisVision now offers an extended Data Usage Plan. For $20 a month* use up to 500MB of data to stream and save Youtube videos, use Amazon Alexa smart commands, and more!

NOTE: IrisVision does not require Wi-Fi to function. You will not be able to access Youtube videos or use Amazon Alexa without WiFi, however, all the other features and benefits will work.
Contact our Support Team at 855-207-6665 to activate your plan today.
*$30 a month for International Plans



How do I power on the IrisVision?2020-11-10T07:08:08+00:00

Press and hold the white tab for a few seconds. The IrisVision will vibrate to indicate that it is powering on.

How do I adjust the focus on the IrisVision?2020-11-10T07:08:59+00:00

After you power on the headset, the first screen displays a picture of colorful chairs on a beach with the word “FOCUS” above them. 

To adjust focus, use the focus wheel at the top and center of your headset. Spin the wheel to the right or left as necessary until you get the clearest picture.

How do I navigate from one mode to another?2020-11-10T07:12:33+00:00

After you have adjusted the focus, press the Mode button to enter the first mode, called “Scene”. Press the Mode button again to switch to other modes.

There are 5 default modes:

  • Focus
  • Scene
  • Television
  • Television Mode
  • Reading
  • Reading: Inverted

In addition to the default modes, 9 other modes are available but must be enabled by IrisVision. Please contact IrisVision Customer Support for more information.

  • Scene with Bubble
  • RP
  • Bioptic
  • Reading Line
  • Reading Green
  • Reading Yellow
  • IrisReader
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Player
How do I zoom in and zoom out?2020-11-10T07:14:05+00:00

Place your right index finger on the touchpad on the right side of the headset. Use a slow swiping motion in various directions to achieve the desired result, as described below. Be sure to take your finger off the touchpad in between swipes. 

  • To zoom in (increase magnification), slowly swipe towards your ear.
  • To zoom out (decrease magnification), swipe away from your ear.


In Scene with Bubble mode:

  • To increase the size of the bubble, swipe up from the bottom of the touchpad.
  • To decrease the size of the bubble, swipe down from the top of the touchpad.
  • To increase magnification inside the bubble, swipe towards your ear.
  • To decrease magnification inside the bubble, swipe away from your ear.
How do I take a snapshot?2020-11-10T07:15:12+00:00
  • While in any mode, press the Snapshot button above the touchpad to take a screenshot of the current view. The image will freeze, and a yellow camera icon will appear in the upper-right corner of the screen. 
  • While viewing the captured image, you can zoom in or zoom out by swiping on the touchpad. To exit, press the Snapshot button again.
  • To get a better look at a specific area in the captured image, move your head up, down, left, or right as necessary.
  • To save the image, press the Snapshot button again to prompt the save or discard screen. Swipe up on the touchpad to save or swipe down to discard.
How do I power the IrisVision using the Magnetic Braided Power Cable?2020-11-10T07:15:38+00:00

As an alternative to using the built-in battery to operate your IrisVision, you can connect the headset to an external cell phone battery (not included) using the magnetic braided power cable connected to the power port on the headset (see below), This method is useful when you want to watch videos and television; it provides continuous power to the headset without draining the battery in the Display Unit.

NOTE: This method of powering the IrisVision may cause it to overheat. If it overheats, disconnect the cable and let the headset cool down.

How do I charge the IrisVision?2020-11-10T07:17:02+00:00

As an alternative, you may use the cable from the wireless charger with the micro USB type C adapter, included with the wireless charging pad. Plug it into the Display Unit after removing the Display Unit from the headset and then plug into an outlet. By using this method the Display Unit will charge faster, usually within one hour. 


  • We do not recommend plugging the Display Unit into a computer to charge.
  • The IrisVision’s battery lasts 3 to 4 hours. It can last 3+ hours with continuous use, and it can last all day (8 to 10 hours) on standby. You can make the most of this time by powering the IrisVision off when you are not using it.
How do I set up Wi-Fi?2021-04-26T09:06:28+00:00

IrisVision can be configured to connect to your Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi connection allows our Customer Support team to assist you more efficiently, as well as allowing you to use Video Player mode.

NOTE: IrisVision does not require Wi-Fi to function.

Step 1: Removing the IrisVision Display Unit from the Headset

Release the IrisVision Display Unit from the headset by pushing the clip (shown below) away from the Display Unit. Carefully remove the Display Unit and set aside the headset.

Step 2: Powering on the Display Unit

Press the Power button on the right side (see the picture below).

Step 3: Configuring Wi-Fi

Go to the Home screen. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and press the small white rectangular box.

Tap IrisVision Manager app.

Tap Setup Wifi.

Turn on Wi-Fi.

Note: IrisVision offers up to 500MB of complementary data usage until you have connected your device to Wi-Fi. SIM cards will deactivate after 500MB of data usage or 60 days of use with no optional data plan purchased.

What is the coaching process?2020-11-10T07:42:12+00:00

The coaching process comprises three phone sessions, described below. 

Session #1, “Getting Started”, is a one-hour session that covers the following topics: 

  • How to get the most out of your IrisVision 
  • IrisVision User Guide 
  • Charging best practices 
  • Headset overview 
  • IrisVision activation 
  • IrisVision modes overview: Focus, Scene, Television, Reading, Reading Inverted 
  • Using manual controls and voice controls 
  • Powering off the IrisVision

Session #2, “Seeing More”, is a 40-minute session that covers the following topics: 

  • Progress review 
  • Address any questions
  • Introduction to Configuration menu
  • Enable new modes
  • Overview of new modes: Bubble, RP, Bioptic, Reading Line, Reading Green, Reading Yellow

Session #3, “Connect and Expand”, is a 40-minute session that covers the following topics: 

  • Progress Review
  • Address any questions
  • Enable new modes Overview of new modes: IrisReader, Photo Gallery, Video Player
  • (Optional) Alexa connection
Is there a charge for coaching?2020-11-10T07:22:02+00:00

No. Three coaching sessions are included with your purchase.
Please visit to learn more about your vision coaches!

How does the IrisVision work?2020-11-10T07:24:04+00:00

The camera on the headset captures the live image in front of you and beams that image back to your eyes where there is remaining vision.

Will the IrisVision work for me?2020-11-10T07:47:40+00:00

The IrisVision works with most ages and most eye conditions, depending on your visual acuity and the severity of the condition. Answer the following questions to help us partner with you in your vision journey.


  • Are you able to use other assistive vision devices such as magnifiers?
  • Do you have access to Wi-Fi or a sighted caregiver in your home?
  • Are you willing to learn a new technology to improve your vision?
  • You do not have hand or head tremors, extreme vertigo, or claustrophobia.
  • If you are purchasing IrisVision for someone else, are they aware you’re buying this for them and willing to learn to use it?


If you answered CORRECT to all or most of the questions above, IrisVision may be the solution for you.

I’m a clinician. How can I learn more about the IrisVision? Can I get a demo?2020-11-10T07:51:08+00:00

Please visit for more information.

What is your return policy?2020-11-10T07:55:07+00:00

Please visit for more information.

What is your 30-day evaluation policy?2020-11-10T07:57:24+00:00

IrisVision and our personal coaches will work with you every step of the way to provide the best possible outcomes for your needs and goals, working with you to set expectations and help you determine your options upfront.

IrisVision’s 30 day evaluation starts the 1st day of coaching, or 6 weeks after the ship date — whichever comes first.

If IrisVision Live isn’t right for you or your loved one, contact us by phone or email for a return authorization number to start and track the return process.

Getting used to the technology may take time and commitment on both sides. Recognizing this, if you’ve completed your three coaching sessions, you’ll receive a 100% refund.

If you wish to return right away, our evaluation and coaching fee of $295 applies, deducted from the total you have paid, and applicable to all pricing plans (excluding Priority Shipping and/or International shipping charges).

How do I get free software updates?2020-11-10T07:59:49+00:00

Software versions from 3.6 and later will be updated automatically if the IrisVision is plugged into a charger, powered on, and connected to Wi-Fi. 

If your IrisVision software version is prior to 3.6, please contact IrisVision Customer Support by phone toll-free at +1-855-207-6665 (Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m., PST) to schedule a software upgrade.

How can I get help after my coaching sessions are over?2020-11-10T08:01:45+00:00

You can access refresher training videos at

If you have any questions, please contact IrisVision Customer Support by phone toll-free at +1-855-207-6665 (Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m., PST).