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Getting Started

How do I power up the IrisVision?2020-01-13T12:58:33+00:00

Power on the Display Unit by pressing the blue/white tab for a few seconds. Wait for vibration to indicate the device is powering on.

Adjusting the focus on the IrisVision2020-01-13T13:01:33+00:00

In order for the buttons/touchpad to work on the headset, the headset must be on your head. Place the device over your eyes and pull the straps over your head. Adjust the velcro straps to achieve the best fit. We recommend that you wear your prescription distance glasses while using the device.

The first screen you will see if the Focus Screen. Use the focus wheel on the top center of your google to adjust the focus until you get the clearest picture.

Entering into Live View Modes2020-01-13T13:03:14+00:00

After focusing the device with the focus screen, press the Mode button to enter Full Screen Mode. You can press the button again to switch to other modes.

There are 9 available modes:

1. Scene Mode

2. RP Mode

3. Bioptic Mode

4. Television Mode

5. Reading Mode: Black/White

6. Reading Mode: Inverted

7. Line Reading Mode

8. Reading Mode: Green

9. Reading Mode: Yellow


Please Note: Some modes are disabled by default. You will need to contact IrisVision support to enable those modes. In every mode you can use the brightness buttons to increase or decrease the brightness of the screen.

How to Zoom In & Out2020-01-13T13:05:45+00:00

Next, place your right index finger on the touch pad. The touch pad is located on the right side of the headset. Be sure to take your finger off the touch pad in between swipes. Swipe up to enlarge the view bubble. The bubble can be expanded to fill the full screen. Swipe down to decrease the size of the bubble.


Taking a Snapshot2020-01-13T13:08:37+00:00

While in any mode you can press the Screenshot/Standby button to take a screenshot of what you are looking at. The image you are looking at will freeze, and you will see a yellow camera icon appear in the top left. While in the screenshot you can zoom in or out using the touchpad. To exit the screenshot just click the Screenshot/Standby button again.

If you press and hold the Screenshot/Standby button for a few seconds your screen will turn off and your device will enter into standby mode. While in standby mode, the device uses little power and will last up to 10 hours. To wake your device from standby mode, first have your unit on your head then click the. Your screen should turn back on and will be on the focus screen.

Powering the IrisVision using the USB Type-C port2020-01-13T13:10:20+00:00

This power port can be used if you want to use the product for extensive and continuous use beyond what the built-in battery can provide. You can use an external battery as a source of power. This method does not charge the built-in battery but provides an alternative source to operate the device.

NOTE: This method of powering the device can sometimes cause it to overheat. In the case that it does overheat unplug the charging cable.

Wired Charging Instructions2020-01-13T13:10:52+00:00

As an alternative, you may use the cable from the wireless charger with the micro USB type C adapter, included with the wireless charging pad. Plug it into the Display Unit after removing the Display Unit from the headset and then plug into a outlet. By using this method the Display Unit will charge faster, usually within one hour. Please note, we do not recommend plugging Display Unit into a computer to charge.


NOTE: The IrisVision’s battery lasts 3 to 4 hours. It can last 3+ hours with continuous use, and all day (8 to 10 hours) on standby. You can make the most of this time by powering the device off during activities when you are not using it.

Setting up Wi-Fi connection to my IrisVision2020-01-13T13:12:45+00:00

IrisVision can be configured to connect to your Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi connection allows our Tech Support team to assist you more efficiently.

Note: IrisVision does not require Wi-Fi to function.

Step 1: Remove IrisVision Display Unit from Headset

Release the IrisVision display unit from the goggles by pushing the clip to the right of the display unit’s camera away from the display unit. Carefully remove the display unit and Note: IrisVision does not require Wi-Fi to function.

Step 2: Powering on the Display Unit

If the display unit is not already powered on, you will need to power it on by pressing the power button on the right side when you are looking at the screen as shown.

Step 3: Configure Wi-Fi

Tap the Apps icon located at the bottom of the home screen. Next, tap Settings, then Connections.

At the top of the Connections Menu, tap WiFi. Turn Wi-Fi on, then select your home or office Wi-Fi network.

If you need to enter a password to access that network, do so now. It is recommended that you also select Auto Reconnect so that your device remembers this network in the future. Once the IrisVision display unit has connected to Wi-Fi, you will be ready to proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Connecting Display Unit with Headset

The headset has a connector and a clip with two positions: A & B. For the current model of IrisVision, it should remain in the B position. Also notice the small lock/unlock switch. The switch should always remain in the lock position.

Insert the headset’s connector into the display unit’s connector. Gently push the display unit down into the mount until the clip snaps into place.

You will hear a confirmation tone from the display unit if the headset and display unit are connected properly. Once connected, the IrisVision headset is ready to use.