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IrisVision Inspire 1.2 Updates

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IrisVision Inspire 1.2 Updates

“I have not been able to see my mom’s face for 24 years, and to see her again was a life-changing experience.” (Ryan, Scottsdale Arizona)

In the words of Ryan, a talented young magician who was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Atrophy in early childhood, and lived most part of his life with little to no vision. The IrisVision Electronic Glasses have transformed the lives of thousands of people by restoring their vision!

The team at IrisVision works round the clock to bring the best and most innovative eye care solutions for blind and visually impaired community, and again, we are here with the latest software update 1.2 for the new IrisVision Inspire headset.

IrisVision Inspire

IrisVision Inspire is a wearable low vision device that is powered by an android phone and a virtual reality headset that allows visually impaired persons to make the most of their remaining functional vision.

In addition to the features of its predecessor IrisVision Live, IV Inspire is also light-weight and sleek in design, that makes it incredibly handy.

If you or a family member suffers from low vision conditions such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, stargardts, or a degenerative eye disease, IrisVision Inspire can help you see again.

Let’s take a peek into some of the amazing new modes and features now in IV Inspire 1.2 update.

Viewing Modes

1) Colored Reading Mode

The reading view is a customized mode that comes especially handy in reading a textbook, magazine or a newspaper. It’s practically useful for easy navigation of any text that’s scrolled across a piece of paper.

The cool part is that you can switch across black, white, green and yellow colors for reading. If you struggle with low contrast sensitivity, the black text against green and yellow tints really make the letters pop out on the page and become fairly easy to decipher.

This also helps minimize eye strain and is useful for longer reads.

2) Reading Line Mode

The Reading line mode is designed for people who feel troubled trying to focus on small text. You might feel the need to magnify onto a line, typically while reading a medicine label, prescription or a recipe off the back of a box, so this viewing mode lets you do exactly that.

A bar magnifier is displayed in the center of the screen and it lets you zoom in on one line at a time, according to your preference of text size.

This way, you get to read comfortably across a zoomed in view of every line while having a normal view above and below the bar magnifier.

A peculiar addition in the upgrade allows you to enjoy viewing a textbook in both reading color mode and reading line mode simultaneously.

4) Outline View

Do you find it hard to recognize objects in dim lights?

The new Outline View in Inspire 1.2 scans everything around you and enhances it by drawing a thick outline around it. You can also choose to have added texture to enhance the view.

5) Bubble View

From the sound of it ‘bubble view’ must have conjured up a close-up look at the veins of a leaf through the bead of a dew drop.

Well, that’s pretty close to how it might seem when you see through Inspire’s bubble mode!

In addition to the vivid colors and contrast that you enjoy seeing through Inspire low vision glasses, this mode has a circular magnifier “bubble” that lets the user magnify on any particular object while maintaining the context of the surrounding area at normal size.

With bubble mode, you can see an object on the screen 14x its original size, also without losing your reference settings.

6) Bioptic View

Seemingly small things such as preparing a bowl of breakfast cereal, brewing a cup of coffee, or searching for something in your bedside drawer are all activities that require a careful eye, something that visually impaired people struggle with.

With this in knowledge, IV Inspire electronic glasses feature ‘Bioptic mode’ to empower its users with ease and independence for performing routine tasks.

The bioptic view has two boxes, ‘viewfinder’ that is a small box, and a ‘magnifier’ that is a larger box. You can center an object of interest within the Viewfinder, a magnified view of which appears in the larger box.

To help you keep surrounding context in view, rest of the screen appears normal in size.

7) IrisReader

For times when you may want to relieve your eyes of all the reading strain, IrisReader lets you snap a photo of whatever text you want recited and does the rest for you!

This feature functions by converting any writing to digital form, which is then read out loud by IV Inspire. Various settings such as text size, volume, and readout speed can be adjusted to suit your comfort.

8) Youtube Player

If you struggle with low vision, you must already be familiar with all the different optical and non-optical vision-aids designed to help you see better, but IrisVision always stays a step ahead of the game. The Inspire low vision glasses have been designed to factor in entertainment, and keep its users connected with the globe.

Whether you got a soap opera to catch up on, or want to watch music videos that are breaking the charts these days, the in-built youtube video player fetches everything for you!

Within Inspire’s headset, you get to enjoy the Youtube feature that lets you search for any video and watch whatever you like in HD quality. Customized settings such as brightness, volume, field of view and voice activated search allow you to personalize your viewing experience according to your vision need and make the interface user-friendly.

In addition, Inspire provides one of the best user experience with hardware features such as light weight design, adjustable inter-pupillary distance and a removeable eye guard (to block out light when required).