Dr. Frank Werblin


Irisvision was founded by Dr. Frank Werblin, an MIT graduate, Guggenheim Fellow, and professor at UC Berkeley. Dr. Werblin is renowned for his scientific contributions to our understanding of retinal functioning. He has dedicated his life to innovating, developing and delivering an affordable non-invasive solution for millions of people with low vision.

With the help of our research partners at Stanford, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, UPMC, The Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind, and other institutions contributing to low vision science, IrisVision is the realization of that lifetime of work. He is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of low vision solutions by continuing to expand the relationship with top vision scientists and technology powerhouses like Samsung.


Ammad Khan


As Founder & CEO, Ammad leads IrisVision’s global mission to enable millions of people with severe low vision to “see clearly and live fully” using IrisVision’s breakthrough wearable low vision technology. Ammad has guided IrisVision’s rapid transformation from a niche wearable medical device to an exciting challenger brand that is disrupting a market dominated by overpriced, low-tech devices. Ammad’s primary focus is on scaling IrisVision operationally and through strategic partnerships with Samsung, Johns Hopkins University, and channel partners throughout the world.