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Brian Murphey

Brian Murphey

Director of Sales

With 18 years of experience in the eye care and ophthalmic products space, Brain brings valuable knowledge and key insights, having worked at the intersection of vision health and innovation for companies like Dutch Ophthalmic USA, where he previously served as the Sales Director for Retina Surgical West.
Over the course of his professional career, Brian has been ranked as the top sales representative with expertise in managing a diverse range of advanced eye care diagnosis and surgical devices like reusable retinal and cataract micro-instruments. retinal cameras, biometers, etc.
Brian’s deep understanding of the imaging and diagnostic devices in the eye care sector have helped introduce the first OCT angiography machine in the market while serving as the Western Regional Sales Director at Optovue Inc.
Graduated from the University of Iowa, Brian also enjoys extensive experience in KOL management and recruitment.