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Therese Nappier

Vice President, Sales

An award-winning, medical device sales executive, Therese brings a successful career focused on digital health and wearable technologies, working with early-stage and start-up companies that pioneer and lead innovation worldwide. With a reimbursement specialty, her deep understanding of the complex reimbursement environment will be of particular value as IrisVision’s product offering diversifies. Her previous contributions focused on devising a commercialization & go-to-market strategy for the AliveCor Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility for KardiaMobile, leading the SouthEast market expansion for the ZioPatch by iRhythm, as well as launching the proprietary Prizma consumer-grade ECG monitoring device, which led her to successfully overcome challenges present in the telehealth and remote patient monitoring healthcare sector. Her high-science background and clinical experience in device/medical/pharma sales and executive sales management allow her to tactically maneuver a sales force to arrive at a win-win for the patient, the account, the payer, and the company.