Top Events Legally Blind Should Attend in 2019

//Top Events Legally Blind Should Attend in 2019

Top Events Legally Blind Should Attend in 2019

Legal blindness is a serious issue, much more serious than many of us living our lives normally could comprehend and care about. And if you’re wondering what the difference between blindness and legal blindness is, here is how the US government wants us to perceive it:


This makes about 3% (approximately 3.4 million) of the adult US population, i.e. people aged 40 or above, legally blind or visually impaired (with visual acuity less than or equal to 20/40).

Complete blindness refers to your inability to see light in any form or way, whereas legal blindness means you can see, but not as sharply and clearly as people with normal vision (having 20/20 visual acuity) can. Among people with eye disorders, there are no more than 15% (approximately) who are unable to see anything at all.

The good news is that more and more people and organizations are joining hands in helping people with legal blindness and low vision conditions to embrace their circumstances. They do so by resorting to different means and resources like low vision aids and macular degeneration glasses to make the best use of their leftover vision.

Highlights of 2018’s Legally Blind Events

In fact, many of such events have turned into annualized affairs and 2019 is no different. That is why we at IrisVision have compiled a list of events legally blind should attend in 2019. But first, let’s have a look at some of the highlights of 2018.

CSUN Assistive Technology Conference 2018

For instance, CSUN Assistive Technology Conference was held in March 2018, attended and appreciated by many, including keynote speakers like Daniel Goldstein, who co-received Paul Hearne Award for Disability Rights Advocacy by the American Bar Association along with Marc Maurer, then President of the NFB.

VISIONS2018 Conference

VISIONS2018 Conference turned in a lot of audience, thanks to the bunch of researchers, academicians and industry gurus who imparted their knowledge, ideas, experiences and observations to put up a highly informational and beneficial show. Some prominent names included Benjamin Bakall (MD, PhD, University of Arizona, Phoenix), Dennis Clegg, PhD (University of California, Santa Barbara), Neva Fairchild (Federation for the Blind), Lauren Ayton, PhD (Bionic Eye Technologies) and so many more.

2018 NABV National Convention National Meeting and Reception

“THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BLIND VETERANS” who are eager in contributing to the wellbeing of our veterans suffering from various types of vision loss and low vision conditions. They put up an amazing show annually on the “National Convention of the National Association of Blind Veterans”.

This event is focused primarily on the education and development of its members, harnessing the vision of the top leadership of the department of Veterans Affairs (VA), knowledge of notable academics, exposure of industry specialists and experiences of government officials. 2018 was a huge success and so will be the 2019’s convention. You can relive some of the bright moments of the 2018’s convention here.

ARVO 2018

Similarly, ARVO conferences have turned into famed annual events, hosted at different places around the globe with a unique theme every year. For example, ARVO 2018 was themed “Stand strong for science: Stand for strong vision science“. The event pulled in huge attendance because of its catchy theme and was a huge success. Last year, the event was organized at Barcelona, Spain, hosted by Spanish Society of Ophthalmology. This year, ARVO annual meeting will be themed ““From Bench to Bedside and Back”, to be hosted at Vancouver, British Columbia. You can have a look at the highlights of previously held ARVO meetings, including the ARVO 2018 here.


Vision Expo West has also morphed into a significant annualized event, one which people suffering from low vision should attend. Last year was Vision Expo West’s 30th anniversary, which was a huge success. According to estimates, 13,000 eye care professionals from around the world were in attendance of the event. These events are segmented as, “Educate”, “Shop”, “Experience” and “Engage”, where participants get ample opportunities best suitable to them. Further details on 2018’s event can be viewed here.

And now to the list of top events legally blind should attend in 2019:

Top Events Legally Blind Should Attend in 2019

January 2019

            Date: 01/28/2019 – 01/31/2019

  • Event: Foundation Fighting Blindness Events (Foundation Fighting Blindness hosts an array of events all through the year – starting from January’ 19 – at varied locations across the U.S.)

            Date: Click to find dates of the events near your location

February 2019

  • Event: 2019 IAER Conference “Connecting the Dots”

            Date: 02/14/2019 – 02/15/2019

            Date: 02/15/2019 – 02/19/19

  • Event: American Foundation for the Blind Leadership Conference (AFBLC) 2019

            Date: 02/28/2019

March 2019

            Date: 03/07/2019 – 03/10/2019

            Date: 03/11/2019 – 03/15/2019

            Date: 03/21/2019 – 03/24/2019

            Date: 03/22/2019 – 03/23/2019

            Date: 03/28/2019 – 03/29/2019

Date: 03/30/2019 – 04/01/2019

April 2019

  • Event: AER Alive in 2019 Dakotas AER Conference

            Date: 04/10/2019 – 04/12/2019

            Date: 04/13/2019 – 04/14/2019

  • Event: Aging in America: 2019 Conference of the American Society on Aging (ASA)

            Date: 04/15/2019 – 04/18/2019

            Date: 04/15/2019 – 04/18/2019

            Date: 04/24/2019 – 04/26/2019

            Date: 04/28/2019 – 05/02/2019

May 2019

            Date: 05/17/2019 – 05/18/2019

June 2019

            Date: 06/16/2019 – 06/22/2019

Date: 06/19/2019 – 06/23/2019

July 2019

            Date: 07/07/2019 – 07/12/2019

            Date: 07/07/2019 – 07/12/2019

September 2019

            Date: 09/18/2019 – 09/21/2019

October 2019

            Date: 10/05/2019 – 10/06/2019

  • Event: American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) 2019 Annual Meeting

            Date: 10/12/2019 – 10/15/2019

December 2019

Legal blindness qualifies people for certain benefits by the government, such as disability or job training, but only after robbing them of their ability to see the world around them normally (which also includes not being able to see the faces of their loved ones in many cases).

One of the best lines of defense against legal blindness and vision loss is to gain as much knowledge and awareness about them as possible using as many platforms as possible, but first of all, you need to be aware of what’s going on with your eyes and vision.

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