IrisVision Upgrade policy


IrisVision Unit Upgrades Eligibility

  • Customers can upgrade their current IrisVision model for an upgrade fee when a new model is released.

  • Customers would need to call IrisVision support to find the upgrade fee for their current model.

  • Customers must register their product with IrisVision. Registration can be done online, or via email with the registration form provided with the product.

  • Customers would need to return their existing unit, and the unit must be wear and tear free. IrisVision provides the return shipping label.


IrisVision Software Upgrades

IrisVision provides free upgrades to the IrisVision OS Software as long as the IrisVision unit is compatible with the new OS. In case the unit is not compatible, customer would need to upgrade or buy a new unit depending on their eligibility.


How to Upgrade ?

  1. Please call 1-855-207-6665 with your request to upgrade. Depending on your eligibility, there may be an upgrade cost.

  2. There are two options to upgrade:

    1. IrisVision will e-mail a return label to the customer. Customer will need to put their IrisVision in the original carrying case along with all the accessories and place the label on the box for return shipment. Once we receive the device, we will ship the new model back to the customer.

    2. Customer will buy the new model at full price. IrisVision will ship the new model with a return shipment label. Customer would need to return the old model back to IrisVision using the return shipment label. Once the old model is received, IrisVision will refund an amount depending on the upgrade path.

  3. Customer will have an option to receive training from IrisVision, or work with the local distributors to get trained on the new model.

Is there a separate upgrade policy for Distributors ?

No, the same upgrade policy applies for Distributors as well.