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More than a headset—IrisVision is a medical-grade device that enhances, rehabilitates, and restores vision.

Discover How Ronald Sand, 82, Overcomes Low Vision with IrisVision.

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Field of View

Empower you or your loved ones to see and interact with their environment more effectively. IrisVision’s headset leads the industry with a 70-degree field of view, giving users the clearest picture possible.

Indoor and
Outdoor Use

Wear IrisVision comfortably indoors and outdoors thanks to a hands-free, portable design. The extended and bubble views make it easy to transition from exterior to interior environments.


Read books, magazines, newspapers, and more in high-contrast black and white or inverted B&W mode. B&W text absorbs the light that hits each word, reducing stress on reader’s eyes— especially for those bothered by bright lights.

TV and
Scene Mode

Use TV mode to watch television or view other screens like mobile devices and laptops. Plus, easily switch to scene mode for general viewing. Multiple view modes give IrisVision users the flexibility to see with the vision that is best suited for any given environment.


Magnify points of interest while keeping the overall scene in context with IrisBubble. IrisBubble, IrisVision’s bubble view, avoids the “telescope” effect that brings a subject into focus but blurs the overall scene. IrisBubble focuses can even be repositioned and shaped to the user’s liking.


Adjust light levels, contrast, and IPD (interpupillary distance). Ambient level control optimizes comfort. Contrast enhancement and correction compensates for contrast loss. IrisVision also allows users to adjust IPD for optimal clarity.

Clearer Sight Starts with IrisVision

Discover how IrisVision has transformed the lives of low vision individual of all ages.

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  • IrisVision Headset
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  • Wireless Charging Unit
  • Fast Charger
  • Lanyard


  • Wireless Charging Unit
  • Fast Charger
  • Lanyard

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