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“Keeping your Distance” During Covid-19

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“Keeping your Distance” During Covid-19

IrisVision Webinar

Download our webinar and join our Client Success Specialist, Myrna Wilkins as she shares insights
on how to keep safe and maintain social distancing during Covid-19. Together, we can endure
through these tough times and hope to move towards a brighter and safer future.

In times like this, our team is prouder than ever that IrisVision’s remotely connected vision technology is playing
a critical role in helping people see, live independently in their homes.

In this webinar, IrisVision Client Success Specialist, Myrna Wilkins and VP of Strategic Partnerships, Kip Theno, will be sharing
their insights about how to stay safe and minimize health risks during this global pandemic.

The webinar will also include a live Q&A session. So be sure to bring your questions for us.

Myrna Wilkins

Lead Client Success Specialist

Myrna Wilkins is a Lead Client Success Specialist, and legally blind user of IrisVision. She has vast experience working with Low Vision patients and has trained hundred of IrisVision users by walking them through the process, step-by-step, to ensure the achievement of their personal vision goals. As a legally blind individual herself, Myrna is well versed with the current low-vision technology that exists on the market and the varying needs of those within this community.

Kip Theno

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Kip Theno is the VP of Strategic Partnerships at IrisVision, and brings more than twenty years of experience in executive sales management and leadership for an array of Medtech companies and emerging technology commercialization. He is passionate about the life changing technology of IrisVision and the lives it has touched. Theno and his team work closely with low vision patients, optometrists, and ophthalmologists across the globe to expand IrisVision’s impact within the low vision community.

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