FAQs: What Makes IrisVision The Most Affordable Low Vision Aids

//FAQs: What Makes IrisVision The Most Affordable Low Vision Aids

FAQs: What Makes IrisVision The Most Affordable Low Vision Aids

It is a common practice amongst people that they opt for temporary but cheaper solutions to their problems, rather than investing in a long-term and durable one.  

It has been observed that people with low vision and severe eye diseases commit the same mistake while opting for low vision aids. Ignoring the technological advancements in the field of eyecare and the low-vision devices introduced to help the legally blind community to see better, people go for innumerous pairs of low vision eyeglasses throughout their lives.

How Much People Spend on Their Eyecare?

As reported by the Vision Council of America, Americans spend $28.7 billion annually on vision services and products. The largest portion of this expenditure that is about $16 million is made up by eyeglass frames and lenses. Not only in the US but all around the globe people tend to spend excessively on handheld low vision glasses and deem themselves to be shrewd, making a wise choice.

IrisVision – A Lasting Solution

To serve the patients suffering from legal blindness and severe eye conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, with a substantial and lasting solution, the eye care industry has come up with the concept of wearable technology.

IrisVision Live headset is one of the most innovative and affordable low-vision solutions that emerged as a wearable technology that targets the functional areas of the eye and amplifies the leftover vision to improve the visual acuity of the eye. 

How Much Does IrisVision Live Cost?

IrisVision VR headset comes with a bunch of incomparable and extraordinary assistive features for 2950$ which is comparatively more affordable than other available low-vision solutions holding fewer media features and software lenses like Esight, and NuEyes. 

Does Insurance Cover IrisVision?

Like most of the other wearable low vision solutions, IrisVision is not covered by insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare. It will cost you $2950 to purchase this life changing wearable technology.

However, on the brighter side, IrisVision is fully covered by the Veterans Army. As a financed benefit for qualifying veterans with severe eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers the IrisVision headsets.

What Accessories and Hardware are Included in the Cost?

As an all-in-one device packed with abundant hi-tech assistive features and software lenses, IrisVision comes with all the necessary accessories and hardware as well. The package includes an IrisVision display unit, headphones, fast charger and cable, magnetic USB cable, carrying case, training guides, and a wireless charging pad.

Does IrisVision Provide Free Consultation? 

IrisVision believes in not only providing the patients with a sustainable low-vision solution, but also proves to be an assiduous constant support by providing free consultation remotely within the comfort of your home. The free remote support, personalized one on one coaching by low-vision expert coaches, and free software updates add to the diligence and support of IrisVision towards its customers.

Is IrisVision the Only Device Backed by NEI? (Grant)

IrisVision headset is the only low-vision wearable solution that is constructed under the funding from the National Eye Institute (NEI), by the World’s pre-eminent eye doctors and low-vision scientists. As an FDA class-1 registered medical device backed with support from low-vision experts at esteemed vision institutions such as John Hopkins University School of Medicine, Stanford University, UPMC, and technology partners such as Samsung, IrisVision Live’s authenticity is unmatched.

What Makes IrisVision the Most Affordable Low Vision Aid amongst present Low Vision solutions?

Having a diverse range of options can be overwhelming, leading to confusion regarding which product possesses more features and falls in the budget-friendly category, as that is how we picture a perfect product to be.

Keeping this in mind, IrisVision Live headset is engineered to cater to multiple everyday needs of the individuals with serious eye conditions through different software lenses namely scene mode, bubble view mode, color reading mode, bioptic mode, RP mode, reading line mode, and IrisReader with OCR, that enable 8 diverse modes of view. It also holds numerous media features such as streaming and saving YouTube videos, smart assistant with Amazon Alexa, IrisReader with OCR, capturing and storing photos in the photo gallery, cellular connectivity, and the flashlight feature.  

IrisVision Over Other Low-Vision Devices

IrisVision VR headset comes with all the additional features for 2950$ which is more affordable than other available low-vision solutions with fewer media features and software lenses, such as Esight that will set you back 5950$.

IrisVision offers a 2 years warranty with a 30 days trial period, which is far more than the one offered by other low-vision aids of the present times. Moreover, the IrisVision VR headset is fully equipped with all the necessary software lenses to enable clear vision and comfort in all situations. These software features such as the scene mode, bioptic mode, bubble view mode, just to name a few, are not to be seen in the other prominent low-vision devices of today.

Furthermore, IrisVision also offers a leading 70-degree field of view that is capable of countering the loss of peripheral vision caused by severe eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Cataracts, and Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Are Special Software Lenses Like RP Mode Included In Other Devices?

For the users with diseases including field restrictions, such as Glaucoma and Retinitis Pigmentosa, the 70 degree image virtually expands the field of view. It can be altered for various viewing tasks, far to near, according to the need.

RP mode holds crucial importance in the present times as the number of people suffering from glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa are escalating rapidly. This exclusive mode can not be found in any other low-vision devices. 

Hence, the IrisVision Live headset is here to maximize your vision without falling heavily on your pocket.

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