Award-Winning Low Vision Solution in a Light Weight Design

//Award-Winning Low Vision Solution in a Light Weight Design

Award-Winning Low Vision Solution in a Light Weight Design

For the past several years IrisVision has been championing the mission to deliver innovative and affordable solutions at the intersection of digital health and vision science.

The award winning low vision solution, IrisVision Live, was the first smart assistive technology device designed with special software lenses that use an individual’s remaining vision and amplifies it to deliver functional sight.

Thousands of lives including Ronald’s have been impacted all thanks to IrisVision:  

“I started living in a fog and progressively it got worse. It brought a lot of depression. I finally found a doctor, he took pictures of my eyes and said they couldn’t help me. I had a full life before my eyes really got bad.

Low vision solution IrisVision

My son started searching on the internet for something that could help me. He got a hold of IrisVision, he said, “dad I think I found something that might help you.” I went in to test it, I put it on and there was no fog anymore!

With IrisVision, I feel like my old self again” — Ronald

The mission did not stop with the overwhelming success of IrisVision Live, but evolved into a desire to further innovate and bring a low vision assistive device that empowers, motivates and inspires the visually impaired community across the globe.

Introducing IrisVision Inspire 

Leveraging IrisVision’s award-winning software – IrisVision Inspire is a sleek headset that features an advanced camera with 30 frames/second resolution and adjustable IPD (interpupillary distance), a simple yet powerful autofocus with near to far distance lenses, and a removable eyeguard to suit surrounding lighting conditions.

With the current pace of digital transformation and integration of technology in every sphere of life – IrisVision Inspire will serve as a gateway for the visually impaired community to rediscover the bounties of life. 

Low vision solution IrisVision Inspire

IrisVision Inspire is more than just a visual aid but in fact a rich rehabilitation platform designed to help the visually impaired community connect and engage with the world as they discover and reach new levels of independence.

Software Lenses & Other Exclusive Features:

Software Lenses:

  • Scene Mode: The IrisVision Inspire has an unmatched field of view and magnification power even when compared to its predecessor the Live headset and other smart glasses available on the market.

    With its 78 degrees field of view with up to 14X magnification, Inspire provides the ideal lens for distance viewing or to view nearby objects through its high definition and auto focusing features.

  • Reading Mode: The specialized lens caters to another important aspect of human life, be it reading a book or a grocery list.

    The in-built bar magnifier is a handy tool to adjust the magnification to read more effectively, while also enabling users to view the text in black and white and control contrast and brightness features.

  • TV Mode: We at IrisVision believe that nothing should come in the way of good entertainment, which is exactly where Inspire comes to save the day. 

    The TV mode feature brings back the joy of watching your favorite TV shows all the while allowing the user to adjust exposure and brightness.

Headset & Voice-Enabled Navigation

The user-friendly design of the IrisVision Inspire, allows users to make use of the navigation features provided in the glasses. Options like drop-down menu, buttons to scroll up and down the menu, and select are all within a comfortable reach of the user. 

That’s not all, to provide an even more user-friendly experience the voice-enabled navigation system is the best way to enjoy the smart glasses through a hands-free experience. Through the use of voice commands users can adjust magnification, brightness, volume and much more.

Adjustable IPD (interpupillary distance)

One of the many remarkable features that offers people with any type of eye condition the option to adjust the interpupillary distance that fits their needs.

The interpupillary distance can be defined as the distance between the centers of the pupils of both eyes measured in millimeters. The focus mode can easily be accessed through the configuration menu and enables the user to adjust the focus.

A Sleek Light-weight Design

IrisVision Inspire glasses have been designed keeping comfort as a central focus, so that a user may benefit from the experience in indoor as well as outdoor settings. 

The lightweight design of the smart glasses enhances the overall experience for the user while going about daily tasks as well as enhancing mobility for the user. With a mere weight of  0.38 pounds, IrisVision Inspire comes with a tethered phone design that significantly reduces the weight making the headset lighter in profile and weight.

Camera Resolution & Removable Eye-guard

Time to unveil another exciting piece of information – the complete package of the IrisVision Inspire also consists of a Samsung S21 smartphone. Yes you heard it right, apart from this, the camera supports a 30 FPS (frames per second) camera, guaranteeing smooth and high res visuals to enjoy.  

Low vision solution IrisVision Inspire

The package also contains a removable eyeguard that can be useful in various settings such as in places where a user needs to block the light completely. 

Pricing & Shipping 

Users can purchase this breakthrough technology with just a mere cost of $3,950 (financing options available). The package includes the Inspire headset, a Samsung smartphone, all necessary hardware including 2-year cellular plan. In case the device does not suit the user’s needs for whatever reason, they can return the device along with an option of a 30-day, money back guarantee.    

Buyers can benefit from three, 1-1 coaching sessions from our panel of low vision expert coaches. Users can remotely connect with our support team to help wherever, and whenever, it’s needed to ensure a smooth user-friendly experience. 

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