Veteran Eye Care – How to Make the Most of Everything?

//Veteran Eye Care – How to Make the Most of Everything?

Veteran Eye Care – How to Make the Most of Everything?

Violence, trauma, stress, remorse, and helplessness; nothing pleasant about dealing with any of them, but there are some very good people who are challenged by all of these on a daily basis, i.e. veterans.

This affects their lives in ways far worse than almost any of us can understand.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, there were approximately 20 million veterans
in the US by 2016, representing no more than 10% of the total population.

Entering warzone is an extraordinary task, with potentially extraordinary, many of which may have a lifelong impact. It can leave you scarred mentally as well as physically.

Take Richard McMillian’s story. He sustained permanent damage to both of his optic nerves due to a stroke a little over two years and was declared legally blind in both of his eyes and his life took a drastic change.

In fact, he is not the only veteran with a vision problem. Check out the following statistics.

This is a bit confusing to me as the stroke doesn’t seem to have a connection with his military service which was the lead-in?

  • The Veterans Health Administration estimates the number of severely visually impaired veterans to be over a million by 2020

  • Over a million U.S. veterans suffer from low vision, whereas the number of legally blind veterans goes above 157,000

  • Visual impairment affects around 7,000 veterans every single year in the U.S. due to eye conditions like glaucoma, age related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy and retinitis pigmentosa

  • Estimates indicate that veterans constitute half of the blind population aged 65 or above in America, whereas less than one-third of those below 65 are veterans

McMillian turned out lucky though, thanks to his wife who read and introduced him to IrisVision.

How IrisVision Changed a Veteran’s Life

This is how Richard describes his first experience with IrisVision:

“Sitting there, I could only see the top letter of the eye exam chart. As soon as I put the device on, I could see even the smallest letter on the chart! I saw every detail. It was amazing.”

As luck would have it, Richard was getting ready to participate in “The Honor Flight” in  just a few week. “The Honor Flight Network” is a non-profit organization involved in honoring veterans for their valuable service and sacrifices for their country.

The organization is responsible for transporting thousands of veterans every year (along with volunteer caregivers) to the war memorials in Washington, D.C.. They call these trips, “Missions” and Richard was equipped with IrisVision for his.

With IrisVision, Richard was able actually see the WWII, Korean, Air Force and Vietnam memorial walls and other monuments; a dream come true for him, as he had almost given up on seeing the world around him again.

This is what Richard had to say about his life-changing experience with IrisVision:

“It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I would not have been able to see any of it if I did not have IrisVision.”

“This [ IrisVision] gave me hope. I didn’t think there was any way I could see this clearly again. Now I know the possibility exists.” — Richard McMillian”

IrisVision’s Dedication to Honoring Veterans

IrisVision is dedicated to helping veterans in need get access to this low vision aid.

In fact:

You can get IrisVision for free if you are a veteran.
Click here to learn more.

How IrisVision Helps Veterans Make the Best of Their Leftover Vision?

The retina inside your eyes is comprised of light-sensitive retinal tissue, which can’t be regenerated as yet, even after all the wonderful advances medical science has made in recent times.

Because of this, once your retinal cells are damaged due to any reason, whether it be part of the natural aging process to accidental injuries and complex eye diseases like AMD, glaucoma, cataracts and so forth, your vision is damaged permanently. This is what happens with the majority of veterans; they lose their eyesight to the point where the damaged retinal tissue in their eyes can’t be regenerated or healed, thus affecting their ability to see.

That’s why conventional treatments fail to work well for veterans and that’s why they need an ingenious solution like IrisVision which makes the best of their leftover vision.

For example, the central vision of a person suffering from   macular degeneration deteriorates with the passage of time, robbing them off of their ability to see things sharply, blurring the whole world for them.

Retinitis pigmentosa, on the other hand, affects side vision or peripheral vision, i.e., your ability to view the objects around you without turning your head in a particular direction or moving your eyes sideways.

IrisVision is a highly advanced low vision solution, which leverages on the advancement of medical and tech industry together, offering an all-in-one type of low vision aid capable of augmenting the visual capacity of people suffering from a wide range of vision problems.

For example, on one hand, its high-quality magnification features enable someone suffering from AMD to get the clearest image possible despite their disability, and on the other hand, it’s dedicated “RP Mode” shrinks the whole image into the correctly functioning area of the eye, i.e., central vision.

Some of the ways IrisVision can help improve the quality of life for veterans include:

  • Regain Independence:

    Wearing IrisVision, you can work in different environments independently. Improve the way you communicate with other people and regain independence in performing daily tasks. You can go grocery shopping, sit in the park, move indoors and outdoors without the light sensitivity stinging your eyes. IrisVision’s advanced algorithms calculate and adjust optimal light levels for your eye comfort.

  • Stretch Your Limits with IrisBubble:

    It’s the little things that matter the most. Things like reading and writing your own emails, looking at the newspaper, reading stories to your children or grandchildren. Signing documents by yourself, indulging in old hobbies like playing chess or music or anything! The possibilities are endless with IrisVision’s patented IrisBubble feature. It helps to zoom in on the unclear area in your vision, without giving you a telescope vision effect.

  • See the Faces of Your Loved Ones:

    Best of all, you can see the faces of your loved ones, recognize their facial expressions and features, and be able to respond in your own way.

  • Take Pictures, Stream Videos:

    IriVision is a complete low vision solution, and does more than just help with daily activities. You can stream high-quality videos right inside your IrisVision, take pictures of things you like, and view them at your later.

  • Let IrisVision Read for You:

    Enjoy reading in a whole new way. Ask IrisVision to read you your favorite books, magazine, news anything you like. IrisVision 3.0 comes with a voice assistant that listens to your commands.

If you are a veteran with an injury or old age influencing your vision, don’t let this affect your whole life. Let’s work together to make the most of your leftover vision while you can.

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