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Breaking Barriers in Veteran Eye Care

One of a kind innovative & intuitive low vision aid,
bringing back the gift of sight for visually impaired veterans

“More than 158,000 veterans in the US have some form of legal blindness”

The numbers don’t stop there, every year, more than 7,000 veterans become blind or visually impaired. Veterans nearing their 60s are more prone to fall victim to eye diseases such as Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma and Retinitis Pigmentosa, all sight robbing diseases that leave them in a dark, hazy world which only gets worse over time.

Other than eye diseases, around 17% veterans fall victim to potential war injuries leading to vision loss in one or both eyes.
Our heroes fight to give us a bright future, it’s time someone did the same for them.

IrisVision, a clinically validated VR health platform, is helping millions of veterans fight low vision and take back their sight.

IrisVision: A revolutionary low vision aid

IrisVision is an opportunity to go beyond the limits set by conventional low vision aids. Armed with powerful features, IrisVision is an FDA registered Class I medical device that helps Veterans with many low vision conditions.

Endorsed and supported by blinded veterans association & US department of veterans affairs.


Most of our customers are veterans
Meet Richard McMillian

U.S. Army veteran, Richard McMillian, suffered a stroke which caused permanent damage to both of his optic nerves. Today, Richard is considered to be legally blind, but after getting introduced to the IrisVision, Richard went sight seeing and participated in the Honor Flight Program.
“It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I would not have been able to see any of it if I did not have the IrisVision.”

IrisVision presents every legally blind veteran a chance to regain what was lost:
The ability to see clearly

Veteran Eye Care
Low Vision Medical Device for Veterans
Care for Legally Blind Veteran
Low Vision Solution

Empowering Veterans, Changing One Life at a Time

Low vision does not have to hold you back now – All the things you once thought lost to you, you can now regain with IrisVision. Here is how you begin your journey towards a new life – an empowered life.

Regain Independence

Wearing IrisVision you can work in new environments independently. Improve the way you communicate with other people and regain independence in performing daily tasks. Go grocery shopping, sit in the park, move indoor and outdoor without the light sensitivity pinching in your eyes. IrisVision advance algorithms calculate and adjust optimal light levels for your eye comfort.

Empowering Veterans with Irisvision Low Vision Glasses
Irisbubble Veteran Eye Care

Stretch Your Limits with IrisBubble

It’s the little things that matter the most. Things like reading and writing your own mails, looking at the newspaper, reading stories to your children or grandchildren. Signing documents by yourself, indulging in old hobbies like playing chess or music or anything! The possibilities are endless with IrisVision’s patented IrisBubble feature. It helps to zoom in on the unclear area in your vision, without giving you a telescope vision effect.

See the Faces of Your Loved Ones

The best of all, you can see the faces of your loved ones, recognize their facial expressions and features and be able to respond in your own way.

VA Vision Care
Veteran Eye Disease Care

Take Pictures, Stream Videos

It doesn’t just end here, IriVision as a complete low vision solution takes care of something more than just helping through the daily activities. You can stream high quality videos right inside your IrisVision, take pictures of things you like and view them at your own pleasure.

Let IrisVision Read for You

Enjoy reading in a whole new way. Ask IrisVision to read you your favorite books, magazine, news anything you like. IrisVision 3.0 comes with a voice assistant that listens to your commands.

IrisVision processes visual information through advanced algorithms and image enhancing technology and grants the user the ability to see the world with all its bright and bold colors. An award winning CES innovation honoree for virtual and augmented reality, IrisVision is your chance to overcome your visual impairment and lead an autonomous life.

Will IrisVision Work for Me?

1.3 billion people globally live with some form of distance or near vision impairment. Many will have some rare form of low vision that is different from others with the same condition. IrisVision Live helps many low vision conditions and includes a 30-day evaluation.

  • Retinitis Pigmentosa

  • Cataracts

  • Glaucoma
  • Macular Degeneration

Eye Care for Veterans – Training & Rehabilitation Techniques

IrisVision helps veterans overcome many low vision conditions not just by wearing a headset, but via basic training and rehabilitation techniques that improve and may also strengthen the pathways between the optical system and the brain, potentially improving vision in the long-term. Follow these basic trainings as instructed and gradually nurse yourself back to better sight.

Try The IrisVision Experience

Get your IrisVision today and experience low vision aids like never before. Contact us at IrisVision or drop us a message, and our technology experts will assist any query you have.

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