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A List of Best Eye Care Tips for Men

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A List of Best Eye Care Tips for Men

Eyes are referred as the windows to one’s soul, and quite rightly so, and one aspect of what they can reflect is the eye health. This makes it quite imperative to have healthy and optimally functioning eyes.

It is also a known fact that passing years not only affect the outlook of your eyes, but also how the eyes function, requiring special care and nurturing with every passing year.

Another aspect that needs to be taken into consideratifon is the fact that men usually end up taking the most brunt of the years passing by, getting more exposure of the forces of nature inclined to deteriorate the function and outlook of the eyes.

What makes it even worse is that they somehow care the least about nurturing and upkeep of their eyes, inflicting more damage to their eyes as compared to women.

Best Eye Care Tips for Men

We aim to help men take better care of their eyes by compiling a list of eye care tips for men. Let’s have a look at them:

i)     Sun Protection

Though you see sun as the best source of helping you get that lovely tan just in time for summer, you need to realize that over exposure to sun can be really harmful, inflicting quite some damage to your skin and eyes. Most of the damage to your eyes and skin can come from the ultraviolet (UV) radiation that is part and parcel of sunrays. Moreover, the bright glare of the sun can also cause us to squint quite often, especially if we don’t have appropriate protection against it. This not only leads to added strain on your eyes, but also increases the probability of wrinkle formation around your eyes. All such risks make it imperative to take necessary protective measures before going outdoors. Some helpful ways to ensure protection from harmful sunrays include:

  • Using Sunglasses: Make sure you have a pair of UV protected sunglasses handy while going outdoors. It’s much better to pick a pair with lenses large enough to completely wrap around your eyes, also covering from the sides to offer maximum protection.

  • Wearing a Cap/Hat: In fact, a hat is a much better option compared to cap when going out in sun, but if you’re not comfortable wearing a hat, a cap can also serve the purpose. If you choose broad-brimmed hats, you don’t only get protection against harmful UV rays, but it also safeguards the delicate skin around your eyes, keeping it healthy and youthful for a longer period of time.

  • Applying Sunscreen: Sunscreen is most helpful in preventing sunburn or other skin damage. It should be applied generously to any exposed skin, especially covering the face and the area around your eyes.

ii)     No Eye-Rubbing

Rubbing eyes seems all natural to many of us when our eyes get tired or itchy, and we do it almost instinctively to get some temporary relief. However, it is quite harmful to eyes. Rubbing your eyes too hard or too often can also result in damaging your lens or even cornea of the eye. Excessive rubbing can also serve as a cause to eye infections (when your hands are not clean), dark circles, bags under the eyes due to fluid buildup and permanent eye damage sometimes.

iii)     Appropriate Food Intake

Whether you’re aware of it or not, there’s plenty of nutritious foods that can help improve our eye health. For instance, vitamin C rich foods, like oranges, strawberries and leafy greens offer great protection against eye-wrinkles and dry skin, in addition to resisting against eye diseases including cataracts and macular degeneration. Similarly, antioxidants-rich food helps counter inflammation and aging; while foods with ample iron help you fight against dark circles and under-eye bags.

iv)     Ample Sleep

Many believe nothing helps nurture your eyes better than ample sleep, though our contemporary lifestyle makes it easier said than done. Your body undergoes repair and replenishment mechanisms when you’re asleep, also nurturing your eyes. Collagen production also boosts significantly while sleeping, which ensures skin firmness and reduced wrinkles as well. Not getting enough sleep also results in receded blood flow, which results in swollen or puffy eyes. Though everyone needs a different amount of sleep, experts recommend taking at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night for improved health benefits.

v)     Avoid Smoking

Oddly enough, many of us somehow remain unaware of the worst impacts of smoking on our eyes, despite of our awareness to the harms of smoking for our health in general. Many studies have concluded that smoking is the second leading cause of facial wrinkles in both men and women after aging. The blood vessels in the upper layer of your skin narrow down due to nicotine, resulting in a disrupted flow of blood, increasing your eyes’ susceptibility to wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

vi)     Dark Circles’ Protection

Anything from aging to lack of sleep, smoking, dehydration or heavy drinking can contribute in formation of dark circles under your eyes. While aging or hereditary factors are beyond our control, men can ensure protection from dark circles by having 8+ hours of restful sleep every night, consuming 7-8 glasses of water every single day and staying away from excessive smoking and drinking.

vii)     Moisturizing Your Eyes

Moisturizing your eyes is one great way of ensuring healthy youthful eyes. Dried skin results in prominence of wrinkles and fine lines under our eyes. Guys can take care of this problem by moisturizing their eyes the right way, helping the eyes look youthful and healthy. Shopping for men’s eye moisturizers can be a tricky proposition because of all the sales and marketing gimmickry, which can mislead those who are new to it. So, make sure to read the ingredients of the products you wish to choose, avoiding anything containing harmful and toxic ingredients. Instead, try to choose from natural skin care brands. When natural collagen production slows down due to aging or other factors, natural eye moisturizers and serums serve to boost the skin’s ability to increase its production.

So, for those of you guys out there who have been neglecting eye care until now, reading this article may help you start caring about and nurturing your eyes by following these simple tips and tricks.