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If you’re one of those who wait whole year to see the streets powdered all white, full-swing winter is just around the corner. So, gear up with your snowboards, skates and sleds to enjoy the winter wonderland. However, don’t forget to take good care of your eyes just as you wouldn’t forget cozying up before […]

Does diabetes affect eyesight? Yes. Can diabetes cause blindness? Yes, it can. According to a publication at Genentech: Now let’s dig a little deep into the most common diabetic eye problems. Most Common Diabetic Eye Problems Diabetic eye problems represent a group of eye conditions capable of affecting people suffering from diabetes, which include Diabetic […]


Being one of the most sensitive organs of human body, your eyes deserve and need all the care in the world to make sure they serve you well enough for as long as possible. Various factors can result in vision problems and old age is surely one of the most important ones. According to the […]


Cataract surgery recovery becomes one of your main concerns as soon as an eye doctor suggests surgical treatment for your cataracts issue. In fact, cataract surgery is considered to be one of the most commonly performed eye surgeries nowadays, but somehow, a significant majority of people seems to be much apprehensive about it. As a […]


People in United States of America are surely enjoying the rewards of advances in healthcare industry, the average life expectancy soaring higher than ever through any other time span in history, i.e. 81.2 years for females and 76.4 years for males. According to an infographic shared by USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology: However, about […]


According to National Eye Institute, 5 million Americans will be suffering from low vision by 2030, with 2.2 million expected to be afflicted with blindness, just to give you an idea of how severe eye problems are becoming in the U.S. Fine details of the reactions of people being diagnosed with vision loss might vary […]


Did you know? Now that’s quite surprisingly true – eye problems in seniors are that common, not only in the US, but all over the world. If you are unable to detect and treat certain eye problems in the elderly in time, their chances of falling victim to partial or total vision loss arise significantly. […]


Eye Exam – What It Is? An eye exam involves assessment of your vision and overall eye health by a licensed physician. You might need to undergo several tests before your eye doctor gets conclusive about the condition of your eyes, diagnosing any issues and pinpointing any problems. A common recommendation from expert health care […]


Most of us are well aware of the five senses bestowed to us through which we interact with our environment, i.e. vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch, right? But how many of you have ever really wondered which of these is considered as the most valuable. Sure, each of these senses is invaluable in its […]