IrisVision Assistive Technology Helping Low Vision Individuals See New Possibilities

//IrisVision Assistive Technology Helping Low Vision Individuals See New Possibilities

IrisVision Assistive Technology Helping Low Vision Individuals See New Possibilities

IrisVision Live, the predecessor to IrisVision Inspire, was a revolutionary in the low-vision assistive device market, changing the lives of the visually impaired and legally blind community around the globe.

IrisVision Live, the practical implementation of the idea of wearable technology, leverages the areas of the eye that are still functional, maximizing and amplifying the remaining vision to improve visual acuity. These low-vision glasses are registered with FDA as a class 1 medical device, designed and packed with exceptional assistive features to help people with low vision to achieve daily activities and regain some independence. 

IrisVision Live assistive technology

Software Lenses

As an all-in-one, autofocus, and wearable low-vision device, IrisVision Live is fully equipped with a wide-ranging variety of software lenses, each designed to serve a specific goal in day-to-day living.

This collection of software lenses includes:

Scene: 14X magnification and 70 degrees field of view projects a clear and high-definition view to the user.

Bubble View: provides the user with a magnified view of anything that falls in the bubble without losing the broader context of the surroundings.

Colored Reading: lets the user switch between various contrast colors.

Bioptic: offers adjustable magnification and area of focus to view distant objects up-close while keeping the overall scene in context. 

Reading Line: creates a bar of magnification to view a segment of the text without losing one’s place on the page.

IrisReader with OCR: the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) identifies and reads text out loud while projecting a magnified image of the text ng.

RP: for patients with field restrictions from conditions such as Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and Glaucoma, the RP lens virtually expands the field of view up to 70 degrees.

Key Features

IrisVision Live comes with powerful features to add to help users connect with the world, and independently perform routine tasks. These include:

  • Streaming YouTube

  • Capturing and storing photos in the photos gallery.

  • Smart Voice Commands

  • Cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity to enable remote support.

  • Flashlight for illuminating a dark room or subject.

The award-winning software found in IrisVision Live serves as the foundation for a new low-vision solution that is lightweight, simple and easy to use.

IrisVision Inspire A Lightweight Low-Vision Solution

IrisVision Inspire has arrived! This advanced, sleek, and modern low-vision headset is a revolutionary assistive device that takes vision enhancement to new heights. Inspire’s features make it more than a mere visual aid; it’s a lightweight, discrete and smart rehabilitation platform, delivering functional vision and independence for those living with low vision. 

IrisVision Inspire assistive technology

Key Features In IrisVision Inspire

IrisVision Inspire, holding incredible assistive features is an innovative and unconventional wearable technology that is giving a new dimension to the low-vision assistive device market. The key features are as follows:

  • Removable Eyeguard

    The removable eyeguard in Inspire delivers a discrete profile when needed or complete light blocking for optimal viewing

  • Tethered Phone

    Tethered phone design reduces weight and bulk versus traditional VR designs.

  • Dimensions

    The frame width, height, and temple length are 6.5”, 2.6”, and 7.8” respectively.

  • Camera Resolution

    30 frames per second

  • Voice Commands

    Users can switch between various modes or software lenses through voice commands. One can also adjust magnification, brightness, and volume by giving voice commands.

Software Lenses 

Designed for simplicity and ease of use, simple yet powerful software lenses for users to independently carry out the most common day-to-day tasks and activities like watching a football match, a movie in a theater, cooking their favorite meals, or helping a grandchild with their homework.


With an industry-leading 78 degrees field of view and up to 14X magnification, users enjoy a crystal clear, high definition view to perform distant, intermediate, or near. tasks 


There are countless moments in our everyday lives where reading becomes crucially important. Reading signboards, recipes, prescriptions, food labels, and so forth, does not require you to depend on others anymore. The bar magnifier installed in the Inspire headset enables the user to adjust the magnification according to the need and view the text in black and white contrast to be easily comprehended.


People with visual impairment or legal blindness who have given up on their favorite TV shows and movies would be able to catch up on their favorite shows again with the TV mode. In the TV mode, the camera on the headset focuses on the central spot of the screen and also enables the user to adjust exposure according to their own liking. 

What is NEW?

IrisVision Inspire has emanated from the idea of providing the prospects with the product that suits their needs while being easy to use as well. The most significant factors in the purchase decision of the prospective customers are the user-friendly features, ease of use, simplicity, and the form factor (weight and style).

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned factors, IrisVision Inspire has been fashioned to provide visually impaired people with a low-vision aid that weighs less and holds easily comprehensible features and functions. There are some eminent modifications in the IrisVision Inspire as compared to the IrisVision Live headset.

A Lightweight Solution

Inspire weighs less than half the weight of the predecessor IrisVision Live at 0.38 pounds (172g).

Tethered Phone

The new IrisVision Inspire consists of a headset with a tethered phone, unlike the IrisVision Live in which the phone was mounted on the headset. In this way, the most important concern of the potential customers has been addressed as the tethered phone design makes the headset both lightweight and graceful.

Field of View

IrisVision Live offers an industry-leading 70 degrees field of view however the IrisVision Inspire comes with an even more improved and pre-eminent 78 degrees field of view.

Removable Eyeguard

Inspire’s removable eyeguard can be connected for complete light blocking when needed and can be removed for a sleek look.

Service and Support

IrisVision provides remote support and white-glove service:

  • 3 free one-on-one coaching sessions with low-vision trainers. 

  • 30-day trial period with a money-back guarantee.

  • Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity with a 24-month cellular data contract.

  • Free software updates

Pricing and Warranty

Pay upfront $3950 to purchase the innovative and assistive visual aid and get a 2-year cellular data contract too.

IrisVision Inspire will come as a package with a 1 year warranty, 24 months of cellular data, and the hardware components.

What is included in the Hardware?

The headset comes with a Samsung Smartphone, a removable eyeguard for optimal light control, a wireless charger, and a lanyard to hold the glasses into place.

Key Takeaway:

One of the biggest barriers for most low vision individuals in choosing the right low vision aids boils down to cost and accessibility

However Innovative assistive technology like the IrisVision ensures greater accessibility and affordability for the end-user, providing a more comfortable and comprehensive low vision solution than any other low vision aids available in the market.

Contemporary assistive features and award-winning software lenses make the IrisVision more suitable for indoor and outdoor activities, enabling low-vision individuals to perform daily tasks independently.

Through consistent efforts in development and up-gradation – the IrisVision Inspire offers a slimmer, lightweight solution with more magnification, better contrast, and a greater field of view.

With all the above features along with the virtual assistive technology; IrisVision continues to contribute towards helping low-vision individuals independently perform daily activities, and improve their quality of life.  

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