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Cataract surgery is one of the most common and successful ocular procedures being performed nowadays. Most people receiving surgical treatment for cataracts enjoy an improved vision without much of long-term issues afterwards. So, while a significant majority of people make the most of cataract surgery recovery, just like any other surgical procedure, cataract surgery complications […]


Cataract surgery recovery becomes one of your main concerns as soon as an eye doctor suggests surgical treatment for your cataracts issue. In fact, cataract surgery is considered to be one of the most commonly performed eye surgeries nowadays, but somehow, a significant majority of people seems to be much apprehensive about it. As a […]


People in United States of America are surely enjoying the rewards of advances in healthcare industry, the average life expectancy soaring higher than ever through any other time span in history, i.e. 81.2 years for females and 76.4 years for males. According to an infographic shared by USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology: However, about […]


Imagine looking straight ahead through a peephole, viewing everything through it, up, down, left, right, as far as you can see. Now imagine that peephole getting smaller and smaller after every few hours, continually restricting your field of vision, allowing you to see everything straight ahead of you, but blacking out above, below and around. […]


Did you know? Now that’s quite surprisingly true – eye problems in seniors are that common, not only in the US, but all over the world. If you are unable to detect and treat certain eye problems in the elderly in time, their chances of falling victim to partial or total vision loss arise significantly. […]